NFL 2013 Division Preview: AFC West

Last season in the AFC West the Denver Broncos took the division easily when they got there new Quarterback in Peyton Manning. Since last season the majority of the teams in the West changed. Chiefs got rid of everyone, and now Andy Reid is at the helm. The Chargers did the same, and now Mike McCoy is the guy in charge. While the Raiders have too many holes on there team. With a lot of changes in the AFC West is this division still the Denver Bronco show? Well lets take a look in before the snaps AFC West preview.

broncosb_logoDenver Broncos
Season Prediction: 

The Denver Broncos really have done a lot this off-season. They added a bunch of pieces this off-season and lost Elvis Dumervill due to a bad a FAX Machine. Even then the Broncos are still the top team in the AFC West. The Broncos have had a rough go in the off-season, even with adding pieces Von Miller is expected to miss four games this season due to a suspension. Dominique Rodgers- Cromartie who the Broncos signed to a prove it deal recently got hurt, Bronco’s center Dan Koppen tore his ACL, and is out for the season. These injuries are caused for concern, but with Peyton still at Quarterback there should be no worries for the Broncos. There receiver combos are some of the most deadly in the game with Decker, Welker, and Thomas should prove a lot of problems for many teams. The runningback position is one of the most interesting battles for the Broncos.

Moreno played well for the Broncos in the ending stretch of the season, but with Wisconsin stud Monte Ball behind him it might be an interesting battle to see who will be the number one back in Denver. The defense for the Broncos looks as if the Broncos have just a good defense. The secondary is still not that strong, but the Broncos succeed on there strong front seven. Von Miller gone for four games will be interesting how this front seven holds. In the end the Broncos should provide a good record, and be one of top teams in the AFC. The Broncos have an easy schedule compared to most teams, in fact my season prediction record could be wrong. I could expect the Broncos to go 15-1 this season, but I just like being a bold predictor in general.   They are going to be consensus superbowl favorite coming out of the AFC.

chiefsb_logoKansas City Chiefs
Season Prediction:

Sometimes being the worse team in the divison helps out, because that leads to a lot easier schedule. The Chiefs have a solid squad to take down those Bills, and Browns. One thing that is huge difference of the Chiefs is head coach Andy Reid. Reid is someone  who is a great offensive mind. Even though the Chiefs are a nine win team I don’t see them making the playoffs. Let’s face it the Chiefs are just the same team as the Chicago Bears of last year let’s look.

1. Mediocre Quarterback…Check

2. A defense that can beat the snot out of bad teams, and do ok with the better teams, but not good against the elite…. Check

3. Only one star Receiver who has no one opposite across from him so he has to carry the work load…. Check

4. A runningback with some health risk, but still really talented…. Check

5. A Head Coach that can win nine games…. Check

That is really what you are getting out of the Chiefs. I expect them to have a much better season then last year. They won’t be on a decline, but the Chiefs are still lacking some pieces that can make the playoff contenders. The only thing they really have better then the Bears of last year is they have a solid o-line but that is really about it.

chargersb_logoSan Diego Chargers
Season Prediction:

The Chargers don’t seem so super any more. This team is one that is kind of stuck in the middle. You see the Chargers were a team most were expecting to rebuild, and become better in a couple of years. The problem with the Chargers is they can’t do that because they have a talented Quarterback in Phillip Rivers. Rivers a guy a lot of teams missing Quarterback would like to have. Though in these recent years the Chargers don’t know what they are going to get from Rivers.

The Chargers don’t know if it is there O-line not blocking for him, or if Rivers is hitting a career decline. For the Chargers sake it is the O-Line problems which haven’t really been fixed. Though most people feel as if there was a running game that the Chargers could be a better team. Ryan Matthews is no L.T., but he can prove to be a great back if he can stay healthy. The guy every time he falls Charger fans want to hold there breath, and make sure he gets up. The receiving unit for the Chargers is a mystery as well with guys like Meachem, Alexander, Floyd, and Allen it is hard to say what you are going to get out of this crop of Wide Receivers. Though one thing Chargers can be excited about is how there defense is still gonna do well for them. I know people are excited to see what Manti will do on the field for the Chargers, but when it comes to it the Chargers are looking for another bad season. All I know is the Chargers are one of the few teams I will be harsh on that can surprise and break out of nowhere. We will just have to wait and see.


raidersb_logoOakland Raiders
Season Preview: 

Getting back Charles Woodson is pretty nostalgic, but other then that what is there to be excited about for the Raiders? The Raiders in all honesty are a mess. Luckily Dennis Allen knows what he is doing on defense so I expect the Raiders to have a solid squad next year, but the offense is in turmoil. Rod Streater I like him, but he is not a number one wide receiver, neither is Moore. Flynn is not someone who is a starting quarterback in the NFL.  I like the risk in the Raiders getting for him, but he is not someone I see doing well against the best of teams, and adding to the fact his weapons are already weak dosen’t help. The Raiders hope McFadden plays 16 full games for them. That will be a great sign for them as he will be some one they can rely on in the seasons ahead.

Though the Raiders might stink this season they are not going to be in a bad position. I feel Dennis Allen is the man for the job here in Oakland. If he is given time he can completely transform this Raiders team into something wonderful. Come May in the draft we will see how the Raiders are at becoming a better team. I am predicting they will either draft South Carolina’s Jadaveon Clowney, or Louisville’s Terry Bridgewater.  That move right there will show how serious this team is wanting to be something wonderful.



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