Bolts tweak their uniforms for the upcoming season

Chargers new uniform tweak

The San Diego Chargers announced its first uniform alteration since 2007. The changes are minor, affecting most noticeably the nameplate on the back of the uniform, which now features gold lettering with a sharp, powder blue outline.

Chargers new uniform tweak2“We have been thinking about this change for several years,” said Executive Vice President – Chief Executive Officer AG Spanos. “We knew exactly what we wanted to do. We didn’t have to redevelop the uniforms. We like the uniforms, but we felt like we could adjust a few details and make them better. The changes aren’t big changes. They are really just tweaks. We didn’t make this change so fans had to go out and buy new jerseys. It was never been meant to spruce sales. We wanted to change the jersey because we thought it would make it better.”

There’s actually three changes on the back of the uniform.  First, is to the nameplate on the back of the uniform.
“We changed the nameplate on all three of the jerseys,” said Spanos. “We had wanted to go to a two-color font. Most teams in the league use a two color font and it really highlights the name. It looks a little bit sharper and a little bit more modern.”

While they are making new changes to the jersey, they are also paying homage to the team’s history.  “We ended up changing the primary color on the nameplate font on the navy jersey to gold, it’s reminiscent of the 1980’s teams because they had gold nameplate font as well.”  In addition to the gold font, the nameplate will be trimmed with powder blue on the navy jersey. On the white jersey, the font will be navy with a gold outline, and on the powder blue jersey the name is white with a navy outline.
The second tweak is to the collar of the jerseys.

Chargers new uniform tweak3“We switched to what is called a self-color collar,” Spanos explained. “Basically the collar is going to be the same color as the jerseys. So on navy it will be navy, on white it will be white and on powder it will be powder. Last year we had a white collar that ended in a square and there were comments about it looking like a neckroll. The Chargers are not alone, there are six teams changing their collars this year without making major changes to the uniform just as we are.”

The last tweak is to the team’s socks. Midway up the sock there will now be a gold stripe. There is no change to the helmet or pants.

According to Equipment Manager Bob Wick, the jerseys come in four iterations – the QB cut, the linebacker cut, the skill cut and the lineman cut. In addition to being lighter and more durable, he says another advantage of the Nike jerseys is that they are water proof.

There is no set date for when the jerseys with the slight alterations will become available for fans to purchase. They will be made available on a rolling basis, and come in three different versions – Elite, Limited and Game.

Written by – Arnold Glass II – AFC West Writer



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