Titus Young Arrested For The THIRD TIME This Week!

Well, not too long ago, Titus Young has been put behind bars not 1, not 2 but 3 TIMES this week! His first arrest was on the morning of May 5th due to drunk driving. His 2nd arrest was 15 hours LATER because of trying to take back his car the authorities took from him. His third arrest took place today for breaking into a California home for burglary charges. At first people thought this was ridiculous actions on the hands of Mr Young, but now this is starting to look like bizarre behavior which is in need of some rehabilitation from the outside world. The 2nd round selection was released by the Detroit Lions on February 4th due to on and off field issues, and was signed to the St Louis Rams which only lasted 10 days. Will this man ever play a football game again?

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