Offseason Behavior In Football

After the arrest of Titus Young yesterday, I think that this needs to be addressed. It’s not just for him, it’s for ALL football players in the off season. You can’t do moronic stunts like that because it not only hurts you as a football player, it hurts your football team’s reputation!

This 2013 season featured 21 arrests from 15 teams, 3 arrests just yesterday! How crazy does that sound? And 2 of those arrests came from 1 person! Back in the day, you would never hear nonsense like that! Now in the modern-day NFL, getting arrested is like a popularity contest. But for some of these players (for instance Titus Young) have mental and personal problems which results in this type of behavior. If they ever want to get on the football field, hopefully, they will get the help that they need. But some of these players have a brain to figure out that they can’t pull crap like this. With more no-nonsense coaches (Jim Harbaugh, Greg Schiano etc) entering the league, they don’t have the time and the patience to deal with this nonsense. If you mess up ONCE, you’re off the team. Simple as that.

Masoli is a prime example of a college player who had potential, he just didn't smarten up in the off season, resulting in getting kicked off the Oregon Ducks in 2010.

Masoli is a prime example of a college player who had potential, he just didn’t smarten up in the off season, resulting in getting kicked off the Oregon Ducks in 2010.

But it’s not just that NFL that has these problems. It’s also at the college level. That’s right, I’m talking NCAA. Remember a name that goes by Jeremiah Masoli? The kid was a beast playing at Oregon, breaking records for most purpose yards for a quarterback. He was having a bright future until a stoop in the off season that would consequently alter his future. Masoli plead guilty to second-degree burglary charges on campus, was put on 12 month probation, and was ultimately suspended for the entire 2010 season by Chip Kelly. He was later dismissed from the team after pleading guilty for breaking into a fraternity house. He would later transfer to Ole Miss (where he played one season) but his career in the NFL was doomed. He played only one off season with the San Francisco 49ers (as an undrafted free agent), one stint with the Omaha Nighthawks in the UFL, and two teams up north in the CFL.

If he would’ve just stayed away from trouble during the off season, we could have possibly seen Jeremiah Masoli playing in the NFL. We could have seen MANY college players in the NFL. When you are a football player, you not only have a job, you have a RESPONSABILTY. You will be on watch 24/7, and chances are, you’re not gonna get away with the crimes you do. You need to help the team win football games, and when you can’t because you are currently suspended from the team for a foolish thing you have done in the off season, you have no one else to blame but yourself.

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