Who Is The Best Team In The NFL?

Alright, so it’s no surprise that the San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks are the two best teams in the NFL coming into the 2013-14 season. Almost every power ranking you can read always has either these two teams as the top two. The only question that remains is that, “who’s the better team?”

Well, these two teams made some smart moves in the off season, such as the Seahawks acquiring Percy Harvin from the Minnesota Vikings for a few draft picks. Both teams won this trade as Minnesota still had a solid draft. Meanwhile, the 49ers pulled off a highway robbery by trading away a 6th rounder in the draft for Anquan Boldin, who is still a pretty valuable deep threat at receiver. The Hawks and Niners then both had solid drafts despite the trades, such as the Hawks picking up a young beast in defensive tackle Jordan Hill from Penn State. Meanwhile, the 49ers traded up to the 1st round with the Cowboys to pick up Eric Reid from LSU, adding another weapon to their already terrifying defense. It doesn’t really matter how many moves that the guys in the office make, because it’s just making better for already dominant football teams.

With Colin Kaepernick’s first season as a starter and Russell Wilson’s sophomore season both upcoming, there is a lot of hype for the two. However, I firmly believe that the Seahawks are the best football team in the NFL right now. Don’t bash me yet, but hear me out. Pete Carroll may not make the smartest decisions at times, but when it comes down to it, starting a 3rd rounder in Russell Wilson over Matt Flynn (who had signed a $48 mil contract with the Hawks) was probably the smartest move ever made. Wilson set the NFL rookie record for passer rating (100.0) and tied Peyton Manning’s rookie record for most touchdowns in a season (26).

With impressive stats like that, and a no nonsense defense led by the eccentric Richard Sherman, the Seahawks are a team to lookout for. But like they say “anything can happen in the NFL”, see we’ll just have to wait and find out.


7 thoughts on “Who Is The Best Team In The NFL?

  1. Good article regarding Seattle and San Francisco – but just because ESPN tells everyone they’re the best 2 teams in May doesn’t really mean anything. Last year, they began the season with the Giants ranked #1 and the Vikings at #31. Is there anyone else besides the Seahawks and 49ers you think may be the best team in the NFL?

    • Personally, I feel that a team you should look out for is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and I’m not saying that just cause of the Darrelle Revis, I’m saying it because if you look at this team on paper, it is playoff ready. They filled all the holes they had on defence and finally surrounded Josh Freeman with the talent he needs, not to mention a stud in Doug Martin who’ll have a beast sophomore season. Thanks for the comment!

      • Thanks for the reply Kuda – so now it’s up to Kuda and Chase Oliver to fight it out. Falcons vs. Bucs – who’s better and why? GO! hahaha

      • Haha. Well I could be the first to say that the Falcons were lucky. And why I say that is because the NFC South was filled with road blocks. Such as the whole bounty hunting fiasco in New Orleans which costed then their head coach, and the rebuilding of both the Bucs and Panthers. The Falcons took advantage of and ended up what people seem to be a perineal playoff team. But what concerns me still is Atlantas defense. Their secondary to me needs to be bolstered and the loss of defensive playmaker John Abraham will hurt them. I feel the Bucs improved offensively and defensively. On offense, you have a young Josh Freeman who has a deadly weapon in a man they call “Action Jackson” and a monster in the backfield they call Doug Martin. And on the defense, they FINALLY fixed their problems at the secondary with the signing of Dashon Goldson and the trading for Darrelle Revis. If Greg Schiano can pull this together, we could see the once dominating Bucs team we’ve seen years before

      • Although Kuda proves good points of the Buccaneers I still feel Josh Freeman is too inconsistent. The Falcons really are a solid team with a great Wide Receiver duo that I feel the Buccanneers improved Secondary won’t affect the Falcons all that much since Revis can only shut down one side of the field, problem is the Falcons have two number one wide receivers on there team. Plus Falcons run screens, and short pattern routes that are hard to manuever. The Falcons defense is suspect, but there addition in the Defensive back help, and adding veterans to the D-Line has helped. The Saints as you mentioned earlier are the only ones to give the Falcons a run for the money mainly because of one man, and that is Drew Brees. Plus the Saints defense is still not that great, and there move to the 3-4 will be interesting to see..


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