Titus Young Arrested Twice in 15 Hours

Titus Young

Will Titus Young play again in the NFL?

According to a police report by the Oakland Press, former Detroit Lions wide receiver Titus Young was arrested twice during a 15 hour time period by the Moreno Valley Police Department on Sunday

First, Young was arrested for suspicion of a DUI during the early morning hours. He was released a couple of hours later. However, he found himself in trouble again in the afternoon as police responded to a call about Young allegedly jumping over the fence of a tow company yard. Later on, it was revealed he was attempting to find his car that was towed after his DUI arrest.

It seems nearly impossible for a person to get arrested not once, but twice within a 15 hour period. Most individuals never get arrested throughout their lifetime, but Young found accomplish that feat twice within one day.

I’ll be the first to proclaim it. Titus Young will not play another game in the National Football League. There, I said it. The first arrest was a knife to the heart of Titus Young’s career, but the second was a twist of the blade. No team is going to be willing to take on the kid after this recent conundrum. There’s no need to take a risk on a guy that’s been in headlines for the wrong reasons for the past two years. Let’s also not forget that this is the same player that was released by the Detroit Lions, signed by the St. Louis Rams a couple of days later, and then released from the Rams just ten days later.

Not only do I believe that  Titus Young will never play again, I also unfortunately ponder if these arrests will continue after his career. It’s been reported by NFL.com in the past that the troubled receiver suffers from serious mental and emotional issues, so it’s safe to say that he could end up spending some major time in prison unless if he can’t get help.

I genuinely hope he gets the help he needs and returns to the NFL, but I just don’t see either of those happening anytime soon.


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