Discussing The Tyrann Mathieu Contract/Are the Cardinals Being Unfair?

Tyrann Mathieu refuses to sign the contract that the Cardinals have offered him.

Tyrann Mathieu refuses to sign the contract that the Cardinals have offered him.

Alright, so we all know that cornerback from LSU who goes by the name of “Honey Badger”. I’m talking none other than Mr. Tyrann Mathieu. This kid was known for his tenacious defense at his small stature. His physical play helped LSU en route to the 2012 BCS National Championship Game, where they lost to Alabama. His career was going so great. He was even projected to be drafted in the first round for the 2013 NFL Draft. Then, controversy strikes.

On August 10th, 2012, LSU Head Coach Les Miles announced that Mathieu would be dismissed for the whole 2012 college season. Reasons were because he violated team rules, most of it for drug test failures. Mathieu took this as a chance to enter rehab, but the consequences were this would impact his draft stock, not only missing a year of football, but his character off the field. He didn’t drop that heavily, as mock drafts were saying he was expected to be picked up as late as the 2nd round, and as early as the 4th round. The Arizona Cardinals were the team to pick up Mathieu with the 69th pick in the 3rd round. His contract included weekly drug tests (which he was okay with) the move to free safety (he was fine with that as well) and no guaranteed money (where the controversy sparked). “Ridiculous,” Mathieu’s agent Patrick Lawler described the situation, ‘(it’s) not gonna happen. We had no contract discussion with them.”

Do I think Mathieu’s a great player? Hell yes. Do I think the Cardinals aren’t being fair about this? Hell no. Mathieu was a wild card in the draft to begin with, but missing a year of football gave the Cardinals question marks, and they’re just doing what they think is right for their football team. The question remains. Does Mathieu have a future with the Cardinals?


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