Tim Tebow Released By New York Jets

Is Tebow Time Over?

Is Tebow Time Over?

There is breaking news out of the NFL today. The New York Jets have decided to release QB Tim Tebow just days after drafting Geno Smith in the NFL draft. Tebow was considered as the best player acquired for the Jets a year ago. Tebow as many would know turned a bad Broncos team to a mediocre playoff team just a couples years ago in Denver. Last year when he was traded from the Broncos to the Jets he barely got any playing time. Despite getting a lot of media coverage of “QB drama” between Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow himself.

So with Tim Tebow gone from the Jets what happens to both the Jets and Tebow? First let’s start with the Jets. If you look at the Jets they of course have Sanchez who they can’t release due to his huge contract and probably will find it difficult to trade because of again his huge contract. They signed David Garrard this past offseason who’s most likely out of his prime years by now. And finally Geno Smith who again was drafted a few days ago which you would think would be the Jets franchise QB in the future possibly even in the near future.

Now goes to the second question what happens to Tim Tebow? My guess is if he does play QB this season I don’t think he’s going to be playing right here in the states and could possibly be playing in CFL (Canadian Football League). Now he could be used as a possible FB or even RB. For example he could help a team like the New England Patriots as a FB and possibly be a weapon in the red zone especially since the fact that the man who drafted Tim Tebow Josh McDaniels is the assistant coach in New England. It should be a interesting story to see unfold for both the Jets and Tebow.

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