Big Ten Division Overhaul in 2014 Season

The Big 10 will be making huge changes not only in there division, but maybe even College Football

The Big 10 will be making huge changes not only in there division, but maybe even College Football

Leaders, and Legends division are no more as the Big Ten in 2014 will becoming the East and West division. The Big 10 Division will also have a 9 game conference schedule. There will be still be big Big 10 rivalries intact, and it is there to make sure that each team will face each other more, and also in a 4 year span. Maryland and Rutgers are also joining the Big Ten. The one problem we see with this newly reconstructed schedule is the balancing between the West and the East divisions for the schools.

The Western Division have teams such as: Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Northwestern, Purdue and Wisconsin. When you look at that it seems really unbalanced. Nebraska looks like the powerhouse in that division, and Wisconsin is not too far behind them. Northwestern looks like there program is improving and will get better in the coming years. Iowa  is very competitive. Then you look at Illinois, Purdue and Minnesotta who really need to step up there game if they are looking to compete. Right now the West seems like an easier division compared to the East.

Eastern Division holds these teams: Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Penn State and Rutgers. When you look at the East you see Michigan, Michigan St., and Ohio State in this division; those three teams look like threats all the time in the Big 10. Penn St. should start rolling again once all there bowl sanctions are relieved. Then you got Rutgers, and Marlyand new teams enterting the conference who are really competitive when it comes to playing ball. Indiana is obviously the weak link here. The East seems unfavorable for a lot of teams.

What this does though for the Big 10 is strengthen there division. Now the computers will love the fact all these Big 10 schools are facing each other. Most likely when these teams do face off with one another they will be ranked pretty high. So with this it will make the Big 10 into a stronger division then it once was. The Big 10 made the right move heading into the post season era. It is something that will build not only good rep for the big 10, but for big 10 fans in itself. I just feel that dividing the divisions into East or West is not the greatest move in the world; in the end though this move is a good move, and it makes the big 10 an interesting conference to watch in the 2014 College football season.

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