The Jets Quarterback Circus in New York, who Will be the Starting QB on Opening Day?

“With the 39th pick in the 2013 NFL draft the New York Jets select Geno Smith QB West Virginia”

Sanchez's Future as the Quarterback for the Jets could be in Question

Sanchez’s Future as the Quarterback for the Jets could be in Question

Those words set the stage for the circus to continue in New York.  Sanchez, Tebow, Smith, and Garrard are all viable contenders to be the starter for the Jets. After drafting Geno Smith many sources were wondering: “Is Sanchez going to stay?”. Sanchez has been a nightmare for the Jets. So with that many thought he would be released by the Jets. Turns out today head Coach Rex Ryan announced that Sanchez will get the first snaps at practice. So now people are wondering with Tebow; wasn’t he supposed to be cut? Turns out Tim Tebow took advice from the front office.

Losing 15 pounds, and coming back with an improved throwing motion. What will it be for the Jets with Tebow? Is he just going to be a casualty for the team, or is he actually going to step onto the field and make a difference? Tebow whether he is a distraction to NFL locker rooms; the man has a lot of passion, and grit to wanting to succeed. Tebow is going to be an interesting subject when it comes to the Jets’ Quarterback situation.

Now we get to Geno Smith and David Garrard. Garrard is someone who I feel will be the Jets starter on opening day, and then after a failed run in comes Geno Smith to take the reins and learn from Garrard. Garrard is a solid guy as a player, but his mind is very fluid. Garrard is a guy who would make a great mentor for a young player and is someone who I know will help Geno Smith. I don’t really think Sanchez nor Tebow should be focused as the Jets main quarterback. Tebow is a guy who shows grit, but in all honesty is not someone who will be the starter for a longer term basis.

Sanchez needs to be gone. Sanchez is just a distraction for the future, and I know Ryan wants to trust in Sanchez because that is “his guy”. Ryan though needs to realize his GM is no longer there, and that his future as a NFL head coach is on a thin rope. Geno Smith is the new man. He is the future of the New York Jets. The offense of the Jets is nearly depleted. None of the Receivers they have are ready to be the man in New York for another while. Jets need to focus in Smith, and as well work and be patient with him. As it stands I have David Garrard becoming the new Quarterback here on the Jets for opening day, but I feel Geno will get his number called soon.

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