Manti Te’o going to San Diego; Ready to begin new Chapter

"I Love the Support I have been getting since coming here" Te'o on his thoughts joining San Diego

“I Love the Support I have been getting since coming here” Te’o on his thoughts joining San Diego

Behind the Hoax that happened this off-season, there is no denying that there is a football player in Manti Te’o. Manti Te’o had a rough off-season, and the man who thought he was going in the first round was ending up falling, and slipping in the draft. No one knew where Manti Te’o would fall. Many thought Te’o would be in consideration for the Bears at 20, but the Bears decided to skip on him so now Te’o was a big mystery in where he is going to be in the near future.

All of a sudden a big move happened in the draft as Manti Te’o was selected in the 2nd round by the San Diego Chargers. Every thing that has happened in Te’o’s life in the past is all behind him. He is entering a San Diego team with a young new GM, and a new head coach who just wanted his talent. Te’o is feeling like he is wanted with this team. Many people are already drawing Te’o’s comparison with Charger Hall of a Famer Junior Seau. Te’o realizes this, and he is not afraid to admit that he might not be Seau. Te’o wants to make his own name here in the NFL, but will understand everyone will be watching him right away.

Te’o is handling himself well. Te’o is not afraid of the media and is ready to answer any questions and not be shy with people getting to know him. Te’o is excited to be in San Diego, and will be joining Donald Butler in the middle linebacker position. Te’o is also happy to join since he is close too home here in San Diego. Te’o is looking to bring his leadership, and passion here to the Chargers defense, and as a team as a whole.

Te’o is looking to shake off the chip on his shoulder on not being chosen in the first round, and he is looking to prove teams missed out on him.

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