NFL Draft 2013 Day 1 Winners and Losers

The NFL Draft was probably one of the most unexpected scenese in football, but who were some of the winners and losers in this upcoming NFL Dradt in Day 1, and were some of the teams that just look like losers lets go.


vikingsb_logoMinnesota Vikings- The Vikings looked like winners in this draft. Even though they won’t be able to pick until the 4th Round later in this draft. The Vikings with three first round picks took Sharrif Floyd, Xavier Rhodes, and Cordalle Patterson. Defensive Tackle was a huge need for the Vikings, and being able to capture a falling Floyd in this draft is something that works for the Vikings. Rhodes is good to fill the need of Antoine Winfield leaving the team, and is already an upgrade too that secondary. Then after those two picks they trade back up to get Cordalle Patterson to be opposite of Greg Jennings. The Vikings seemed like they would be dumb to give up picks for Manti Te’o but it was all a smokescreen as they got Cordalle Patterson. Vikings drafted three needs well in this draft. Te’o might fall to them in the 4th Round anyways.

ramsb_logoSt. Louis Rams- The Rams are winners here. They trade up to get the playmaker Tavon Austin, and then they make up with that pick by trading down to get Alec Ogletree. Both players fill needs that are good for the Rams. For me though the Rams just looked good getting these picks winding up for day 2, and getting big needs on there draft.

bengalsb_logoCincinatti Bengals- They give there QB Andy Dalton a new weapon to use. Tyler Eifert is a great pick up and this is why the Bengals did a great job building off there young QB and getting the player the will help make him grow.

billsb_logoBuffalo Bills- Trade down and get all these picks. Pick up a franchise QB Buffalo shocked people with who they picked, but you know what they got the ammunition to build off of it. Buffalo seems like they are looking good so far in this new regime.

falconsb_logoAtlanta Falcons- They traded up for a good starter in Desmond Trufant.  The trade was a good thing for the Falcons because they needed to make sure they secured there guy, and they didn’t give much to the Rams. They still helped the Rams out though in the end of it all.

texansb_logoHouston Texans- De’Andre Hopkins was a good Wide Receiver in this position. It was down between him and Hunter, but it was good the Texans got someone who plays way different then Andre Johnson.

steelersb_logoPittsburgh Steelers- Jarvis Jones those two words should make you understand what a smart pick this was. Jones was slipping in the draft and the Steelers they just want him to do what he does best, and thats play football.


dolphinsb_logoMiami Dolphins- Trade up to get Dion Jordan? Really I mean Jordan is a great player, but he isn’t someone  that is a huge need for the Dolphins. Unless the Dolphins want to depth up on Defense, but you can do that at anytime in the 3rd round.

brownsb_logoCleveland Browns- Mingo? Mingo? I mean I understand you want depth, but I though this could be addressed later on. You would think the Browns would want to draft something to help there offense. Won’t be surprised if the Browns are in the same situation come next year.

bearsb_logoChicago Bears- Kyle Long was trying to become a 5th year senior to return to Oregon last semester. To bad he couldn’t, and the Bears really picked him? To protect? Does he even fit the blocking schemes to block for Jay Cutler. Another silly pick from Chicago. Especially since Eifert was still on the board.

cowboysb_logoDallas Cowboys- Sharrif Floyd is waiting for you. The Cowboys trade up to the 49ers pick and they draft Travis Federick with it. Frederick is 3rd-4th round option at best just a waste of a pick.

jetsb_logoNew York Jets- Milliner was chosen too high in this situation, and Richardson was just desperation because Austin was taken from the Rams. Too me though I feel they should’ve drafted one wide receiver, but it dosen’t matter the Jets are not ultra losers like most teams above, but an offensive player would’ve help.

coltsb_logoIndinapolos Colts- Yes they got Bjoern Werner, but he dosen’t fit the 3-4 scheme. Datone Jones who does play in the 3-4 was still there and available for them to take, but they pass on him just questionable.



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