Barry Sanders will be on the Cover of Madden 25


Barry Sanders has been voted for the Madden NFL 25 cover. Sanders won the Madden 25 cover vote finals over Adrian Peterson with 58 percent of the votes. Sanders is considered one of the best runningbacks of all time. Sanders was surprised he beat out Jerry Rice in the Semi-Finals to make it here. Sanders was the best back in the day, but when it came down to, it Adrian Peterson is the best today. So it was a tough decisions for fans to decide who to put on the cover. Overall, we have Barry Sanders on the cover of this year’s Madden. Some fans are disgruntled AP didn’t make the cover, but both Adrian Peterson and Barry Sanders are humble. In fact, they are both probably congratulating each other right now. Congrats to Barry Sanders from all of us at the Before the Snap staff.

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