Houston Texans 7 Round Mock Draft

Texans Patriots 2

We all know that the Texans have a great team. However, the Houston Texans are in trouble. Fans may not want to admit it, but the quicker they realize it the better. The Indianapolis Colts and Tennessee Titans are coming, and they’re coming soon. For the Texans, last year’s draft class wasn’t very good, which resulted in the Texans only winning the division by a margin of one game for the second straight year. They’re going to need to have a good draft class this year to prevent any chance of the Colts or Titans shocking the world.

1st Round – 27th Overall – WR Justin Hunter, Tennessee

This would be a fantastic pick for the Houston Texans. Justin Hunter is a beast. He boasts a 6’4, 205 pound frame that will cause many problems for shorter, smaller secondary players. He’s physical abilities also give him great big play ability in almost any offense.  His weaknesses? He has a limited number of snaps under his belt which leads to wonders if his hands are consistent when tested in a full season as a starter. He also missed most of his second season with a torn left ACL.  But when you look past those durability and experience issues, Justin Hunter is a great pick here for the Texans, a team that desperately needs a No.2 receiver.

2nd Round – 57th Overall – OT Brennan Williams, North Carolina

The Texans could wait until later rounds to pick a tackle, but I feel taking Brennan Williams at the point in the second round is a great option for the Texans. He’s a prototypical right tackle. He’s tall, strong, and mean. He’s exactly the guy that will make holes for Arian Foster and Ben Tate.

3rd Round – 89th Overall – FS Baccari Rambo, Georgia

Yes, the Houston Texans already have two good safeties in Ed Reed and Danieal Manning, but we all know that Ed Reed will not play football after his contract runs out, and he will probably go out before that event even occurs. Taking a safety here that you can groom over time is an intriguing choice the Texans need to consider.

3rd Round – 95th Overall – CB B.W. Webb, William & Mary

One of the biggest factors in the Texans’ playoff loss to the Patriots was the bad play of the cornerbacks. Taking B.W. Webb gives the Texans someone to go to is the starters slack off in 2013.

4th Round – 124th Overall – ILB Kiko Alonso, Oregon

I’m in no way suggesting that Brian Cushing needs to be replaced. But after his ACL injury, you have to wonder whether or not Cushing can return at his previous level of play. Not everyone can be as successful as Adrian Peterson. Kiko Alonso will serve as a good insurance policy.

5th Round – 160th Overall – TE Joseph Fauria, UCLA

After James Casey left in free agency, the Texans have been looking for a third tight end. Not every team needs 3 good tight ends, but if there is a team, it’s the Houston Texans, who use a two tight end set on almost every play.

6th Round – 195th Overall – OLB David Bass, Missouri Western 

At this point the Texans have filled all major needs, so looking for depth is now the main priority.

6th Round – 201st Overall – QB Sean Renfree, Duke 

The Texans need a third string quarterback behind young T.J. Yates.

7th Round – 233rd Overall – WR Lanear Sampson, Baylor

Another wide receiver for the Texans won’t hurt.

AFC South Mock Draft Schedule:

April 20 – Jacksonville Jaguars

April 21 – Tennessee Titans

April 22 – Indianapolis Colts

April 23 – Houston Texans



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