Kam Chancellor Extends Contract With the Seahawks! 4 years 28 million Deal

Chancellor had 75 total tackles with the Seahawks in 2012

Chancellor had 75 total tackles with the Seahawks in 2012

Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor has extended his deal with the Seattle Seahawks. The deal is worth 4 years 28 Million, with 17 million of that money guaranteed. Now this move is a very solid move. Chancellor getting paid though could be wanting  team mate Earl Thomas some more money. Thomas is a much better player then Chancellor, and if Chancellor is getting that kind of money you got to think Thomas is going to be looking to get paid as well.

The extension for the Seahawks is a solid move mainly because Chancellor is someone that is a guy who works well in the Seahawks defense.  He has shown in the past two years he is a valuable starter for them. Chancellor is well worth the contract given too him. Chancellor has proven he is good in the pass coverage, and is a good run support safety. He  is someone the Seahawks are able to use for a long time and is someone that is going to grow with them for many years too come. It is good that the Seahawks are getting him at 25, and if he keeps improving every season they will be able to have him until he is 29 years of age. The Sehawks are playing it smart with keeping Chancellor because there is no doubt the Seahawks don’t want to let such a talent go to another team.

Chancellor will be helping the Seahawks hopefully push for the superbowl run that they are looking to acheive in 2014.

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