Tommy Kelly Signs With The Patriots

Tommy Kelly

Just when it seemed like New England Patriots were pretty much down making any big moves in the Off Season they twisted in your mind with that possible thought. On Tuesday the Patriots went out and signed former Oakland Raider DL Tommy Kelly. Rumor is that Kelly could spend some time playing some DT in the upcoming 2013 season. Despite the Patriots already have a reliable DT in Vince Wilfork. Then again this is still Bill Belichick’s and let’s face it this is not the first time he does something out of the ordinary to make sure his team gets wins. Kelly who spend his whole entire NFL career with the Oakland Raiders surprisingly has yet to miss a game in his career. Kelly you may remember last year helped win a game for the Raiders after recovering a loose football that was a game clincher. With the Patriots making some big improvements in there defense which we all know in the last few years has been a problem for them, there making it well known that they want to go back into the AFC Championship game and be in Super Bowl contention once again The question that still remains is will this improved defense of the Patriots be enough to get them another Super Bowl ring in the future?.



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