Stevie Johnson Tweets North Korea Should Bomb Foxboro Stadium


If the Tweet was really a joke or not he can’t deny that Bills WR Stevie Johnson tweeted recently that North Korea should go to Foxboro Stadium home of the New England Patriots and just bomb them. Now some people may find this funny due to the fact that the Patriots are not really a fan favorite outside of the state of Massachusetts as some may say “One of the most hated teams in the NFL today”. But for Stevie Johnson saying that North Korea who recently is having issues and might go to war with the United States should destroy Foxboro and kill innocent lives by doing this. Now I can understand possibly the joke of since the Bills aren’t really a relevant team in the NFL and the fact that the New England Patriots have dominated that division for quite some time now but really bringing in a touchy subject such as bombing a place like Foxboro because of frustration of a AFC East rival. The question that goes through my mind is this why in the world hasn’t Roger Goodell done anything such as fine Stevie Johnson for his actions on twitter? Granted I’m not saying going over the top and suspend the guy but let’s face it Goodell has done crazier actions to NFL players especially when it comes to social media such as twitter. I guess he’s looking at it that maybe just maybe the general NFL fan might be somewhat interested when the Bills face the Patriots this season and might “light a fire” into both the Bills and the Patriots. Even though if you look at it on paper let’s face it one team is just better then the other and the games might not even be close next season. But hey that’s next season I just hope personally I’m not the only one offended for what Mr Stevie Johnson joking about bombing a football field all because he doesn’t like a divisional rival.


One thought on “Stevie Johnson Tweets North Korea Should Bomb Foxboro Stadium


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