Philadelphia Who?

Kelly 1

Mine, Mine, All Mine…

These aren’t your father’s Philadelphia Ducks Eagles, or for that matter, your brother’s, uncle’s, or grandfather’s either.  It is a new day in Philadelphia and the lead man steering the ship, new head coach Chip Kelly.  When the term “new” is used in Philadelphia in 2013, it is to be taken literally.  Not much is the same in Philadelphia these days; gone are the days of Andy Reid as the head coach, gone are the days of a the Eagles being a “finesse” team that shied away from running the ball (although they often have one of the most dangerous backs in the league), gone are the days of every receiver not named Riley Cooper being no taller than 6’0″ (Eagles sign 6’7″ Ifeanyi Momah and trade for 6″2″ Arrelious Benn), gone are the days of the Eagles aggressive 4-3 defense (now switching to a 3-4).  All of those features of the Philadelphia Eagles are a thing of the past, out with the old, in with the “new.”  Chip Kelly has come in and totally revamped things in Philadelphia, from turning over the roster to replenishing it with a bunch of new faces, some of which are former Oregon Duck players from Kelly’s tenure in college (Patrick Chung, Dennis Dixon).  Want to know just how different the Philadelphia Eagles will look in 2013; currently as it stands, the Philadelphia Eagles are the ONLY NFL franchise in the 2013 offseason NOT to re-sign any of its free agents.  That in itself is indicative of how much the Eagles want to stray away from the nightmare that was the end of the Andy Reid regime.  Kelly’s changes don’t stop with the roster, it blankets this entire franchise by extending to the locker room as well.  No longer are players assigned lockers by positions, but are free to choose on their own where their locker will be located.  Seems like a small change, but it is just another example of how this Eagles’ franchise is going in a totally different direction from its past.  And if that isn’t enough change for you, the Eagles who have traveled to Bethelem, Pennsylvania to Lehigh University for the last 17 years for training camp will be keeping-it-simple this year and holding their camp at their facilities in Philadelphia, the first time its been in Philadelphia since 1943.  Okay, by now you get the point, things are different in Philadelphia now that Chip Kelly has his hands on the controls.  I was once told that when a coach comes to a new destination that he or she wants to “put their stamp” on the franchise, well Chip Kelly’s stamp says: “Philadelphia Ducks Eagles Property of Chip Kelly.”



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