LaRod Stephens-Howling reportedly to visit Steelers

Stephen-Howlings was drafted by the Cardinals in 2009

Stephen-Howlings was drafted by the Cardinals in 2009

LaRod Stephens- Howling former Arizona Cardinal Runningback will be visiting the Pittsburgh Steelers. Stephen-Howlings never really got the chance to be a featured runningback for the Cardinals. Stephen-Howlings is a good multi-versatile back that can be a match up problems for a lot of teams. Howlings also has a knack for being a really good special teamer, and is someone that can help the Steelers in the return game. It is is unknown if Howlings will be featured as a Starter for the Steelers. I see Howlings as a guy who is very good at being a change of pace type of back. Someone that can really help the Steelers be more diverse on the offensive side of the ball.

The Steelers just lost starter Rashard Mendenhal this off-season to the Cardinals. With that they are left with Isaac Redman, and Johnathan Dwyer both who had hard times fumbling the football throughout the season. The Steelers also lost multi- talented runningback Chris Rainey who is a free agent this year. The Steelers are hoping to land Howlings for a good price to hopefully fill the void that is going to be missed by Chris Rainey. Though Howlings won’t seem like he will be the starter if joining Pittsburgh. The Steelers will either stick with Redman, or might have to find someone in the 2013 NFL draft. Eddy Lacey, and Stefan Taylor are players that I feel in this draft, are what works for the Steelers system.

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