JaMarcus Russell Making a Comeback? Recently loss 27 pounds, Holding a Pro Day, Larry Fitzgerald to be there.

Russell played 31 games for The Raiders

Russell played 31 games for The Raiders

It seemed like it was yesterday when we heard Roger Goodell call out JaMarcus Russell’s name as he was selected number one overall to the Oakland Raiders. Russell was one of the few talents like every year in the draft who looked good in individual workouts, and had the size that a  lot of teams were looking for in a starting Quarterback. One thing many teams overlooked was the guy off the field. That didn’t stop the Raiders though from taking him number one overall. After that it went all downhill from there. JaMarcus Russell experienced no success in a Raiders uniform, it seemed like he had no drive and passion when it came to being a professional athlete.  Russell’s name is sort of a bad omen towards the Raiders organization.

Tyrelle Pryor wanted to wear number 2, but the Raiders declined his request. Many feel that it is because of the presence Russell had wearing number 2 and the Raiders didn’t want anyone else to wear the number. Russell though early this free agency though were link to fake rumors of becoming the Jets new Quarterback. The rumors were on a hot buzz, most of them were jokes mostly on the Jets behalf since the Jets themselves have become a circus of an organization. Russell though may not be heading to the Jets, but he is looking to make an comeback.

Russell is an interesting figure to a lot of football fans considering to be one of the biggest busts of all time next to Quarterback Ryan Leaf of the San Diego Chargers, Russell has been someone that a lot of fans just like to use as a joke. There are some fans who just find it interesting, and want to do more research on why someone so highly touted, and picked number one overall turned out to be so bad. It doesn’t help at all that the man picked right after Russel, is Calvin Johnson Jr. known as the best Wide Receiver in the game today. Russel’s comeback though has been something that has laid a buzz around people in football world. Bleacherreport.com has done a road to redemption which you can watch here through Russel’s BR profile.

Russell’s comeback has not just been supported by Bleacher Report. NFL Receiver Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals is someone who is supporting Russel and will be catching balls at his pro day. Russell recently in the last update from Bleacher lost 27 pounds. Russell is someone that is showing more drive and determination then he did when trying out for the NFL. Russell has dealed with a lot of stress through out his pro career. There are a lot of people who treat him like dirt, and make fake rumors about him on a daily basis. Though even with all this Russell has tried his best to keep himself on the down low, and besides going to his favorite local barber, and buying new clothes to keep himself happy, the only thing the Russel really wants is another chance.

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