Alabama Runningback Eddie Lacy to Meet with the St. Louis Rams

Lacy was a key player for Alabama for two seasons

Lacy was a key player for Alabama for two seasons

Alabama Runningback and national champion Eddie Lacy has not been having a good off-season. Even though being touted as the best runningback in the draft Lacy hasn’t been able to workout or show for it. Although the St. Louis Rams are interested in the former Alabama Runningback enough to give him a look. When you look at the Rams history when it comes to drafting Runningbacks they are one of the best. Eric Dickerson, and Jerome “the Bus” Bettis are two names that show for it. Steven Jackson is another name you can throw out there as well, but with the Jackson era gone now it is time for the Rams to find a replacement.

Lacy enjoyed a lot of success last season for the Alabama Crimson Tide. Lacy ran in for 17 touchdowns, and was named the BCS Offensive MVP for the championship game, and he is the type of runningback that a Jeff Fisher is looking for. Lacy is someone who can catch, and run with the football. Fisher is known for success with that type of runningbacks, and so are the Rams. When you look at the Rams track record, and history guys like Marshall Faulk, and recently Steven Jackson did as run and pass catchers it is definitely a good quality for the Rams to have as a player.

Lacy would be a good pick up for the Rams in the 2nd Round. There is not a big need for runningbacks on a lot of teams, and most teams run a Runningback by committee most of the time these days. If Lacy gets drafted he will still have to compete with Daryll Richardson, and Isiah Pead for the job as the starting runningback of the team.



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