Will Kevin Kolb Start In Buffalo In 2013?

Kevin Kolb

I’m sure many of you know that Kevin Kolb is no longer stuck in the desert of Arizona and has moved on to the east with the Buffalo Bills. But the question is can Kevin Kolb help the Bills if he does indeed start the upcoming season as the team’s starting QB. Well look at it this way, if you look at stats, Kolb is actually a improvement from previous starter Ryan Fitzpatrick. Of course Kolb at the time was a big trade pick up for the Cardinals after being praised by many back in Philadelphia. However, during his stint with the Cardinals, Kolb dealt with injuries and inconsistency as the team’s starting QB. So, can Kolb be a improvement for the Bills? Yes he can, but will he help the Bills become a possible contender in the AFC East, only time will tell.



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