Victor Cruz is Docked in New York

Don't Salsa yet, that big day hasn't arrived...

Don’t Salsa yet, that big payday hasn’t arrived…

Whether he knows it or not, Victor Cruz isn’t going anywhere (not that he actually wants to).  Nonetheless, that mammoth long-term deal that Cruz is seeking probably won’t be coming his way just yet.  Instead, he will probably have to settle for a solid deal that will most likely make him the 2nd highest paid receiver in this year’s free agency group (Dwayne Bowe 1st) which isn’t saying a whole lot or just play out the last year of his deal.  The big snafu is that Cruz is a restricted free agent, and that means a whole lot.  That means that the Giants can tender him (which they already have at a 1st round level), meaning that whomever tries to sign him to an offer sheet will have to surrender a draft choice that matches the tender level and will have to give Cruz a new deal.  This of course, is assuming that the Giants don’t exercise their “right to first refusal” which states that the Giants have 5 days to match any offer sheet that Victor Cruz signs with another team.  So in other words, if another team wants the services of Victor Cruz; they would first, have to get him to agree to terms on a deal/offer sheet, then, hope the Giants don’t match it and after it is all said and done, finally, fork over a pick (in the case of Cruz a 1st rounder in 2013) and then pay him whatever amount you agreed to on the offer sheet.  Fat chance of that scenario playing out and Cruz sailing away.  This is why restricted free agents are rarely on the move; because teams aren’t all that thrilled with the notion of having to cough up a pick in addition to a huge deal for an expensive, proven veteran, when they can roll the dice on a young, cheap alternative in the draft.  According to multiple outlets the Giants have extended a contract to Cruz that exceeds $7 mil per, while adding a “sizable amount” of guaranteed money, per Gary Myers of the New York Daily News.  Which means Cruz is holding out for a deal that is extremely lucrative, much more so than $7 mil per that was reportedly offered by the Giants and with no other suitors in sight (most likely all scared away by the restricted tender) looks like Victor Cruz won’t be setting sail this offseason.  So essentially, I said all of that to say this, New York Giants’ fans, Victor Cruz is going to be a New York Giant for at least another year and potentially beyond.



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