No Harm, No Foul, DeAngelo Hall Returns to D.C.

Hall 3Don’t ever let anyone tell you that the market doesn’t determine one’s value.  This time 3 weeks ago, DeAngelo Hall was slated to make about $8 mil as a base salary with the Washington Redskins in the upcoming 2013 season.  That all changed when Hall was released by the team to free up some much-needed cap space.  So like many other free agents this offseason, Hall tested the free agent market only to find that he wasn’t worth to other teams, what he was to the Redskins and decided to re-sign with the Redskins on a 1-yr/$2.25 mil deal, according to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports.  Via 106.7 The Fan on an interview with Grant Paulsen who first reported the agreement, Hall revealed, “It just felt right… I feel like I still have a lot to prove.  I feel like it was a family, and I wasn’t ready to give my family up.… It’s really a family atmosphere in that locker room, in that building.  I couldn’t turn down being around those guys for another year.”  While all that may very well be true as Hall is respected in the Redskins locker room, and has been a polarizing figure for the Skins since his arrival in 2008; still, a lot of his return had to do with the state of the cornerback market.  Let’s face it, this season for lack-of-a-better-term, it has “sucked” to be a cornerback out on the market looking for a new deal.  Just imagine last year this time, a guy like Eric Wright was signing a 5-yr/37.5 mil deal with the Tampa Bay Bucs.  Fast-forward to this offseason and the CB market was extremely over-saturated; thus, guys like Sean Smith, Derek Cox, Aqib Talib, and Brent Grimes all had to settle for deals that in their minds were either “below market value” or simply 1-yr “prove it” deals.  It only took DeAngelo Hall 2 weeks as a jobless CB to realize, this isn’t the offseason to be a veteran CB looking for work and so the savvy veteran came to his senses and went back to D.C. on a one year deal.  Hall who was wildly inconsistent in the 2012 season, like much of the Redskins defense, played his best ball of 2012 in the latter stages with his signature performance of the season coming when the Redskins needed it most… against the Dallas Cowboys in the regular season finale with the division on the line.  Hall limited a banged up, but dangerous Dez Bryant to only 4 miniscule catches in a Redskins division clinching win.  With that solid play toward the end of the year, coupled with the fact that the Redskins actually won in 2012, Hall like Fred Davis who just recently re-signed with the Redskins on a 1-yr deal of his own, feel like the Redskins are finally building a winner and that now is not the time to bail, “We’ve been down for so long, and to finally have something …I feel like we have all the pieces in place.”       Hall 2



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