Former USC QB Matt Barkley to work out with Buffalo Bills

Could Matt Barkley be the Bills first pick in the 2013 NFL Draft?

Could Matt Barkley be the Bills first pick in the 2013 NFL Draft?

With the eighth pick in the 2013 NFL draft, and no starting quarterback the Buffalo Bills will be working out with Matt Barkley. With Ryan Fitzpatrick gone the Bills are in search of a quarterback. Early on I posted an article teams in need of a quarterback (Click Here) I handpicked Barkley to go to the Bills. Now I admit when I first wrote the article it was way too early to predict such a thing to happen, and at the time I wrote it Barkley wasn’t sidelined with his shoulder yet. Though I still feel no doubt in my mind Matt Barkley can be a good starter on the NFL level.

The problem with Barkley, and many other SC quarterbacks is that he is already surrounded by a lot of major talent at school which makes most people view him as a product of a system; rather then view him as an individual Quarterbacks and the last few that have came out of SC (Leinart, Sanchez) have not turned out so well. One thing though you can’t take away from Matt Barkley is despite his appearance the man is a machine when it comes to work outs. Barkley is a near perfectionist when it comes to his preparations and that is something Scouts like about him. When you are someone that puts in extra hours of work it shows you have the drive and motivation to keep on going.

Barkley also showed he is one of the best QBs in the draft after a good pro day that he had. Barkley is no doubt a Quarterback that you feel you want on your team, but all though missing a starting quarterback do the Bills really want to waste a potential eighth overall pick on him? It feels like it could be a risk if it dosen’t pan out well, but then again this is the Bills franchise we are talking about, and Jim Kelly is not coming back anytime soon and neither is Thurman Thomas the Bills need to find a Quarterback that can help them contend in the AFC East.

There will be more information on Barkley and meeting with the Bills later stick around here on BeforetheSnap

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