You Can Call Tony Romo Plenty of Things…. Broke Isn’t One of Them

Being the starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys has its perks, after all, it is one of the most prestigious positions in all of sports.  Don’t believe me, just ask Tony Romo, who received a 6yr/$108 mil extension from the Dallas Cowboys.  Never having been past the divisional round of the playoffs in his 10 year career (7 as a starter) has some like Donovan McNabb flustered by the amount of the deal, McNabb’s initial reaction to the deal was simply “wow.”

Signing a 6yr/$108 mil deal is enough to make anyone smile

Signing a 6yr/$108 mil deal is enough to make anyone smile

McNabb’s reaction might be somewhat tainted by jealousy, but the underlying fact about this deal for Romo is that he has not been a clutch quarterback throughout his tenure as Cowboys’ signal-caller.  Yet, a 6yr/$108 mil deal with $55 mil guaranteed (second highest in NFL history behind Tom Brady’s $57 mil) screams quite the contrary.  Romo’s deal according to includes $57 mil in the first three years which is only third in NFL history behind Joe Flacco’s fresh $62 mil and Drew Brees $61 mil over the first three years of their deals.  The agreement also saves the Cowboys $5 mil under the cap this season as Romo was slated to make $16.8 mil before the extension, and now will be making a base salary of $11.8 mil.  Hence, the extension of his contract was a win-win for both parties.

Don’t let Romo’s lack of success in the some of the most adverse situations of his career to this point totally overshadow his complete body of work, this is a really good quarterback that the Dallas Cowboys had to pony up and pay.  Throughout his career in seasons in which he has played 16 games; Romo’s completion percentage has never dipped below 61%, has passed for no less than 4,100 yards, never has come close to a less than 1:1 TD/INT ratio, and has never had a passer rating for an entire season (complete or incomplete) in his career lower than 90.

So, while $55 mil guaranteed is a lot of money for a guy who has not won anything noteworthy in his career; he has been extremely productive throughout his career, deals with the scrutiny of being the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys as well as one in his position can, and besides Cowboys’ fans need I remind you of the Quincy Carter, Drew Henson, Chad Hutchinson nightmare that preceded Romo?  So, you can call Tony Romo plenty of things: a great golfer, an above average QB, the Star signal-caller of America’s Team, or even competition anxiety-challenged…. as long as broke isn’t one of them.

Romo 3

Not bad for an undrafted player out of Eastern Illnois




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