Skins Welcome Back Fred Davis

Freddy D

The NFL has really hindered the Washington Redskins’ ability to upgrade their roster via free agency in the 2013 offseason due to the 18 million dollar penalty levied upon them in consecutive years (2012 & 2013).  The Redskins could use an overhaul in their secondary (both CB and S) and wouldn’t mind a significantly better RT either.  But 18 million dollar cap penalties don’t allow for that kind of spending so, the Redskins have opted to just re-sign their own players instead; re-signing players like Logan Paulsen, Rob Jackson, Kory Lichtenstiger, Sav Rocca, and Darrel Young.  Redskins fans you can release a sigh of relief as you can add tight end Fred Davis to that list as well.

After being pursued by the likes of the Cleveland Browns, New York Jets, and Buffalo Bills and even taking a trip to the latter, Davis ultimately decided that the only home he’s ever known in his 5-year career was where he needed to be.  Davis signed a 1yr/$2.5 mil deal to stay put.  According to Joel Corry of the National Football Post, Davis’ contract is worth up to $3.75 mil with a $1.5 mil signing bonus, $1 mil salary and incentives of $1.25 mil.  Davis will count $2.5 mil against the cap.  According to reports, the Bills actually offered Davis $700,000 more than the Redskins, but in the end it wasn’t enough.  On his appearance on the NFL Network Davis stated that, “Because defenses have to worry about [Robert Griffin III], then they have to worry about Alfred [Morris], and now they have worry about Pierre [Garçon], we have a lot of weapons and if I was to stay here, I feel I definitely can win a lot of one-on-one coverage and people not worrying too much about me, I could do a lot of damage. Which we started doing [before] I got hurt.”  Also Davis reminded everyone that D.C. is home for him and things are just starting to turn around, “This is the team I got drafted to. This is all I know, and we’re finally starting pick it up, get all the right pieces to [contend.]”

This is a great move for all parties involved, it allows Davis to showcase his talents as well as his health as he tries to re-invigorate his market value for the 2014 offseason after an Achilles’ tendon tear prematurely ended his season in 2012.  Meanwhile, the Redskins get back the services of an athletic, game-changing TE for another year with the option of signing him long-term next season when the team has more cap space and can better assess Davis’ Achilles as well. The signing of Davis ensures that the Redskins will have all 11 day one offensive starters from a season ago back in the mix, which is a good thing for the most part if you are a Skins’ fan.



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