Blaine Gabbert Ready to fight for Starting QB job in Jacksonville

Gabbert is looking to prove he is 'The Man' in Jacksonville

Gabbert is looking to prove he is ‘The Man’ in Jacksonville

In 2011 the Jacksonville Jaguars drafted what they thought would be ‘there guy’ in Blaine Gabbert. Gabbert who had a tremendous Junior year at Mizzou was someone people thought would make a great NFL pro. Gabbert before the draft was rated as the second best quarterback in the draft, Gabbert though didn’t attend the combine which did hurt his stock a little bit. Than when the time came with the 10th overall pick after a trade the Jaguars picked up Gabbert, but Gabbert didn’t pan out well for Jacksonville. In his two years in Jacksonville he hasn’t been much of a presence for the team. Gabbert hasn’t played a full 16 games in Jacksonville. Gabbert also has been terrible with turnovers as the teams starting Quarterback.

Jacksonville has entered a new regime. New GM David Caldwell is not the guy who drafted Blaine Gabbert, but he does want to give Gabbert a chance. A little bit of controversy came out as a former assistant coach called Gabbert by the name of “Blame” Gabbert.  Gabbert took those comments to heart and he really defended himself well. Gabbert is someone that I myself who have criticized a lot. His rookie season I expected him to start off slow.  Yet his sophomore season  felt the Jaguars did a good job surrounding him with weapons that he was missing in his rookie season, but nothing really seemed to pan out well with Jacksonville.

Gabbert too me needs someone else who is ultra competitive to push him to the next level. Gabbert faced a lot of competition in college when Mizzou would recruit top tier Quarterbacks every year and making sure Gabbert had to push himself every year. Gabbert will be looking to see what competition will be brought to his attention. Gabbert will need to be pushed and let’s see if he is deserving a starting Quarterback job in the NFL.



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