Manti Te’o will not be Attending New York City for Draft Day

images (32)Notre Dame Middle Linebacker Manti Te’o will not be attending the NFL draft live in New York City. The reasoning is to be that Te’o dosen’t want to attend since he feels he will not be drafted in the first round, and more then less top ten. Te’o draft stock suffered huge when he had a bad scouting combine performance. Te’o then on his pro day did improve a lot, but not enough to make him go back into the first round. Many top draft analyst feel that Te’o is still a top linebacker in the draft, and he will find his way somehow in the first round.

Te’o has been compared to many linebackers in the NFL, and it comes to a surprise that one of the biggest stars, if not the biggest star in college football last season didn’t show up for the NFL draft. For whatever reason is that Te’o will not be going to New York the inside linebackers presence will be missed, because even if he is not going in the first round it is nice seeing all the best college football talent gather around on draft night. One can question who would draft Manti Te’o come draft day, and what round he will go in as well.



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