Baltimore Ravens will Travel for 2013 season opener

00001The defending superbowl champions the Baltimore Ravens will not open at home. They will be the first team since the 2003 Tampa Bay Buccaneers to play on the road since winning the superbowl. The Ravens were face to play on the road due to a schedule conflict with the other Baltimore professional sports team in the Orioles. The Orioles were open to have it be a double header featuring both games on the same day, but the city of Baltimore felt it would cause logistical issues for the fans, and the whole city itself. The Ravens decided to move from the home opener.

The Ravens have these teams on the Road this upcoming season: Steelers, Lions, Browns, Bears, Bills, Broncos, Bengals, Dolphins

One can wonder which team will make the cut but this proves some interesting match ups. Could the new look Dolphins get the nudge with former Raven Linebacker Danell Elerbe leaving the team to go to Miami, and plus old divisional rival Mike Wallace is in the picutre. Could the Detroit Lions get the chance with the addition of Reggie Bush, and having one of the most popular players in the game in Calvin Johnson could be a fine match up for the Ravens to face. I feel the Browns could get the nudge here, but the two teams that seem more likely are the Broncos, and the Steelers.

The Steelers vs Ravens rivalry is always hyped up in the NFL, and with both teams looking a lot different then last year it will be interesting to see how both rivals match up in a game like this. Plus Pittsburgh fans would love nothing more then to beat the defending superbowl champs on opening night. Then we go to Denver. Peyton Manning’s name says it for itself and as well they can always hype the game up as the revenge for the Broncos after that thrilling double over time loss they suffered to Ravens in the divisional round of the playoffs. Those two seem the most likely of the bunch.

Either way the 2013 NFL Season already seems interesting and I am pretty sure people are wondering what match up we will see come opening day.



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