Report: Joe Flacco Signs Six Year Contract


According to many sources, Joe Flacco has signed a six year 120.6 millon dollar contract making him the highest paid QB in the NFL. Now, I understand Flacco wanting a big dollar contract after taking the Ravens to the Super Bowl and winning it against all odds. However, does Flacco deserve this much money to stay a Raven? Honestly, I think the Ravens could have franchise tagged Flacco and then decide to give him a big contract the following season and at the same keeping someone like Boldin and Ed Reed. But now due this move ,Ed Reed’s days in Baltimore are most likely over and Boldin will most likely hang it up and call it a career. I’m not hating on Flacco. He had a good season last year, especially in the playoffs, but Flacco is one of those QB’s that’s okay at best in the regular season. Now the question begins, is Joe Flacco really worth 120 million dollars?


One thought on “Report: Joe Flacco Signs Six Year Contract

  1. Whoever wrote the above doesn’t know what he/she is talking about. If the Ravens had tagged Flacco at $14.6m, another team would’ve certainly signed him away from us by front loading their offer. We could not match a front loaded offer. We would’ve lost Flacco for the price of two first round picks. The other tag was $20m. I GUARANTEE flaccos cap hit for 2013 will be under $14.6m


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