Where will Geno Smith end up in the 2013 NFL Draft?

Geno Smith was being talked about the number one pick now he is unsure where he will end up

Geno Smith was being talked about the number one pick now we’re unsure where he will end up

With the news circulating in the NFL about the Kansas City Chiefs interested in Alex Smith, and looking to use there number one pick in the NFL draft on offensive linemen Luke Joeckel many are now wondering where will Geno Smith end up come draft day? The Quarterback class of this years draft is not the strongest. It is not going to blow us away like a year ago did with guys like Griffin, Luck, and Wilson, but there is no doubt that most of these men can become franchise QB’s.

Even though Smith is the top Quarterback in this draft some teams are still wondering if he is even worth the top selection for there number one pick. When it comes down to Smith the guaranteed number one pick is no longer in the realm of Smith. The Chiefs just felt like the best option for him. Now that it could be gone what’s next? Lets look at the Top Ten and see what could be in store for Smith.

jaguarsb_logo #2 Pick Jacksonville Jaguars: Would the Jaguars go for it and pick Smith at number 2? I mean really to be honest anything is better then Blaine Gabbert, but then comes the question is Smith the best player available for the Jaguars? Bjoern Werner an excellent pass rusher is still there, and the Jaguars would really like to get a guy who can cause pressure on the quarterbacks, but with the Jaguars entering a new regime wouldn’t a new franchise QB be the answer? Smith is not someone who screams risk too me and is someone that I feel with the talented skill positions in Jacksonville it could benefit the Jaguars a lot to go and take him. I would say the Jags should take him, but there is reports they are going to give Blaine Gabbert one more chance and they are having an open QB competition. Though I feel the Jaguars might go with Werner here, either way Jags get a good player here.

raidersb_logo#3 Pick Oakland Raiders: Face it Raider fans if Al Davis was still alive Smith would’ve been taken here. Well knowing Al Davis he would probably would’ve taken EJ Manuel over Geno Smith, but when it comes down to it what do the Raiders have to lose? The Chargers aren’t so super anymore with Phillip Rivers’s career going backwards, the Chiefs want to try and win fast skipping rebuilding as a whole, and the Broncos are ageing. So why don’t the Raiders rebuild? They already have McFadden limping every season, and a nice solid core of wideouts to help Smith grow while re-tooling that defense for the next couple of years. Dennis Allen is a young head coach full of energy and is smart when it comes to defense so it wouldn’t take long for the Raiders to rebuild that side of the ball. I feel the Raiders should take Smith, Palmer has had enough chances and in all honesty I don’t trust Tyrelle Pryor as a starting QB.

eaglesb_logo#4 Pick Philadelphia Eagles: Kelly has already said the QB competition is open for the Eagles, so why not get Smith? Then again the Eagles I feel should get an offensive linemen at this pick more then a quarterback. The offensive line was dreadful last year and I don’t care who is the Quarterback whether it is Vick or Dixon with out an offensive line nothing will get done if no one is protecting the QB. Smith too me would be something the Eagles could look into, but in all honesty if they don’t trust Fisher, or Johnson to be a tackle for them then why not take Geno?

lionsb_logo#5 Pick Detroit Lions: If the Lions draft Smith they are dumb plain and simple. They have Stafford who all though had an okay year last season. He is still right now a better option than Smith.

brownsb_logo#6  Pick Cleveland Browns: Not really going to dive in to much on the Browns. I feel the Browns should give Weeden another chance. In all honesty Weeden showed some flashes of brilliance at times for the Browns. All though the Browns are under a new regime once again so maybe they want to erase the old regime completely and take Geno Smith. Who knows, but either way the Browns have more problems to fill then just QB; nor do I feel the QB position is as big of a need for them to take him here.

cardinalsb_logo#7 Pick Arizona Cardinals: Arizona needs an O-line men otherwise Smith will end up just like all the other 5 quarterbacks that Arizona had last year. Smith just seems like a guy though that I feel won’t mesh well in Arizona, but really Arizona already has noted they have taken a liking to USC’s Matt Barkley and Barkley didn’t even work out at the combine. Come Barkley’s pro day we will see what direction Arizona will take. I still place more money on them taking Barkley.

billsb_logo#8 Pick Buffalo Bills: Doug Marrone the new Bill’s head coach is a college guy. There really isn’t a huge need on defense Buffalo should be looking at now, and maybe this saves Bill’s GM Buddy Nix from wanting to trade up and get there franchise Quarterback. In all honesty though he still will probably trade up and get Smith. Sad for the Bills they could’ve gotten a stud like Cordalle Patterson at wide receiver, but in all honesty they really want a QB and desperate for one. I would be too if my Quarterback looked like a caveman and melted under pressure almost every single game

jetsb_logo#9 Pick New York Jets: The Jets would pass on Smith. Don’t kid yourself here like they would take him. It would also be dumb on there part because they still have Sanchez making too much money, and soon Smith will be making too much money and then afterwards it causes bad cap balance for them. As much as I would say the Jets should take him they kind of hurt themselves overpaying “Buttfumble” but hey that is the Jets for you right now.

titansb_logo#10 Tennessee Titans: Bud Adams will take Smith if available. Even with young QB Jake Locker you don’t think Adam’s will not take a risk and take Smith? The Titans need to pray and hope Geno Smith is gone from here when it is all said and done. I know many people think Bud will give Locker a chance, but in all honesty the guy traded for Matt Hasslebeck two seasons ago, and he was a heavy advocate in trying to get Peyton Manning over there in Tennessee. For some reason I feel Locker is not a Bud Adam’s guy but none the less the Titans have more needs like the secondary to focus on. Also I feel some Titan’s fans would like to have Geno Smith, but they already have a franchise guy and that man is Jake Locker and they need to trust in him.

Overall though when you look at the top ten picks only three teams in the Jaguars, Cardinals, and Bills are the ones here that could aim to obtain the West Virginia QB. There are other teams in the top ten you could argue should grab him, and all of them can be pretty valid. There is no doubt in my mind if Geno Smith didn’t have a slump in the middle of the season that he would be the unquestioned number one pick. Sadly that mid-season skid plus all the rich offensive line, and pass rushing talent in this NFL draft that are far more superior to Smith hurt him a lot. If I were to make a prediction I feel Buffalo will grab Smith, but in all honesty Smith still has Barkley to worry about come Barkleys pro day. Zack Dysert is another man people are very high on, and the EJ Manuel draft stock keeps rising every single moment. There is also still Glennon, Bray, and Nassib to watch out for, and a diamond in a rough in Matt Scott out of Arizona. Smith though is still the best quarterback in this draft, but there is still two months left before the draft and a lot can change in those two months between free agency and pro days.



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