Kansas City Chiefs interested in Alex Smith, and Texas A&M Luke Joeckel

Could Alex Smith be heading to the Kansas City Chiefs

Could Alex Smith be heading to the Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City chiefs are in a big situation here in this years upcoming draft. With the overall number one pick they are guaranteed getting the guy they feel that can rebuild there team. Although it seems like Andy Reid wants to forgo rebuild and go straight on forward on keeping the roster in tact. The Chiefs will be looking to trade Alex Smith. The San Francisco 49er Quarterback is said to be a good price for the Chiefs, and with the thought of maybe drafting a guy from day 2 and day 3 of the draft do the Chiefs really need to draft that Quarterback number one overall?

The Chiefs logic is that Smith is such a good mentor with great knowledge that he can help the Chiefs win, and hopefully mentor there future Quarterback.  The idea is to also draft A&M’s Luke Joeckel who is going to be a man who will block for the there offense, and many feel like the Chiefs are able to hopefully retain wide receiver Dwayne Bowe not to mention they still have Jamal Charles. If Alex Smith is not landed in Kansas City look for Nick Foles, and Matt Flynn to be contacted by the Chiefs.

Overall though the Chiefs look to improve, but not rebuild at all. Seems like the Chiefs may be missing on the opportunity drafting there future as a franchise. Andy Reid is looking to win, and when you look at the AFC West it is a wide open division. The Chargers seem like they are going to not rebuild and keep going with Rivers as the Quarterback, the Denver Broncos have Manning for three more years so the Chiefs are hoping to just improve this season and wait for the QB instead of drafting the ones in this years draft.

The Chiefs offense looks like it is going to improve for next year if they make the moves, but with Geno Smith doing well at this combine, and Joeckel doing good as well. Who should the Chiefs take at number one.



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