10 Sleepers to Watch at the 2013 NFL Combine


The combine is here tomorrow, and I am pretty sure a lot of hardcore football fans are looking forward to see how some these talents perform. Though there are 10 sleepers that I feel that you need to watch out for in this years combine. These guys are players that I feel will may have people thinking twice about there mock drafts after it is all said and done. So lets get started on this list.

10. EJ Manuel, Florida State, QB: The EJ Manuel hype train seems to be going well leading into the combine. Whether you want to believe it or not ever since the Senior Bowl scouts have been looking more into Manuel and feeling he has what it takes to be a starter in the NFL. With successes from Robert Griffin the 3rd, Russel Wilson, Cam Newton, and Collin Kaepernick, many teams are now interested in bringing in a scrambling type quarterback and seeing if they can build a system around them. Manuel is someone that has the ability to do what these four men have done before him with the given chance.

9. Le’Veon Bell, Michigan State, RB: Le’veon Bell early this college season had a tremendous start. Bell was someone who got out of the gates fast, and was strong through out his season with the Spartans. Bell finished with 1,793 yards and 12 touchdowns this season. Bell is a very big back, and if he ever learned to act like a power back he would be a perfect fit for many teams. Bell sadly is underlooked mainly because of Eddy Lacey (Who will not be at the combine), and Montee Ball just knowing how to use there power, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Bell puts up some good numbers at the combine people will be thinking of him as a third rounder.

8. Travis Kelce, Cincinnati, TE: Kelce is a big great Tight End prospect. The only thing holding him back of being the number one tight end in this draft is lack of speed, and lack of experience in the position. Kelce only played on full season as the starting Tight End, and he had a great season where people know this guy can be special. I feel this guy could be a guy who creeps up and gets higher on the draft boards after a good strong combine.

7. Thomas Dallas, Tennessee, OT: Dallas is an offensive tackle I like. Dallas’s footwork is something left to be desired as a tackle, but he is someone I feel that can play the offensive tackle well, as well as an offensive guard. This is a guy that I feel could have a big combine. Tackles are a big need for a lot of teams, and this guy right here is considered a top 50 selection, but when it comes down to it he is a highly underrated player in this tackle draft and someone I feel that could make a good jump in this draft with a nice combine.

6. John Cyprien, Florida International University, S: Cyprien is another strong defensive player coming out of the Florida area. Cyprien is a hard hitter some of the hits I saw this year almost had me flashbacking back to Sean Taylor of the Washington Redskins (R.I.P) Cyprien although a strong hitter is not the fastest guy in the world and has a hard time playing as a deep safety. The guy though is fast and an excellent tackler so he will be able to stop any man who catches the ball, but there is still that minor problem. None the less I really feel this combine is where we are going to see who John Cyprien is, and if he is going to be a big time defensive player in the NFL.

5. Kevin Reddick, North Carolina, MLB: Reddick is a tremendous athlete who while at North Carolina seemed like he never got that groove into being a fierce defensive player. Don’t get me wrong I think Reddick is highly underrated, and I just saw some inconsistencies throughout his career in North Carolina, but if I feel anyone who can make an big impact and being underlooked entering this draft it is Kevin Reddick. Reddick has a big opportunity with Ogletree keep showing his off the field issues, and the whole Manti Te’o situation occurring, Reddick could make a strong case at this combine and show he can be a consistent threat as a Linebacker in the NFL.

4. Zac Dysert, Miami (OH), QB: Seems like almost every year when we think we know who the best QB in the draft is, all of a sudden a new one shows up during the combine weekend and scouts love him. Dysert is a QB with good size, and a nice arm. Many people compare his skill set at the position to former Miami (OH) alum Ben Rothlisberger. Many like Dysert because they feel all his mistakes in Miami (OH) was because of the lack of talent around him, and feel like this guy can really improve with the right coaching. Dysert is someone that could get talked about a lot if he produces a great combine.

3. Kawann Short, Purdue, DT: Short comes from Purdue which produces it fair share of pretty good NFL talent. Now Short is not really a huge sleeper, but when it comes to the Defensive tackles he is one, and he is someone I feel that is a guy who can play great every down, that is if he pushes himself to play great every down. Short is someone that just has a weird frame, and his run defense is kind of poor. Short is definitely someone that is going to be a first rounder if he does really well at the combines. Teams like the Patriots and Giants well swoop up this talent, and with the coaching over there he will turn out very well.

2. Tavarres King, Georgia, WR: Tavarres King is someone that I feel is highly underrated. King did have a lackluster season last year at Georgia, but none the less I feel King is very under looked as a Wide Receiver in the NFL, and is someone that can potentially burst out to be a future top Wide Receiver in the NFL. King did have some drop pass issues in big time situations that can be fixed.

1. Leon McFadden Jr., San Diego State, CB: McFadden to me is highly underrated in this draft, McFadden’s main issue though is his strength as a corner. His strength is what is going to hold him back, and he maybe  a mismatch when facing bigger Wide Receivers, but with Alabama’s Demarcus Milliner getting surgery after the combine this is a perfect time for McFadden to maybe jump up in the ranks.



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