NFL Draft Prospect Alec Ogletree arrested with a DUI

Ogletree had 111 tackles last season for the Bulldogs

Ogletree had 111 tackles last season for the Bulldogs

Last weekend ex Georgia Bulldog Alec Ogletree was arrested with a DUI. Ogletree’s agent released the statement this weekend that Ogletree got charged with the DUI. Ogletree is a projected first round talent, and it looked like Ogletree could capitalize on Notre Dame linebackers Manti Te’o’s sudden misfortunes and become the top Middle Linebacker in this years NFL draft, but with Ogletree it seems like that there are a lot of off the field issues. This is not the first time Ogletree has had off the field issues.

In 2012 Ogletree was suspended for four games for failing a drug test. Ogletree his freshmen year was arrested for stealing a fellow Georgia athletes motorcycle helmet. He was suspended for the year that season. Ogletree definitely has some off the field issues, and a lot of people in the NFL don’t want to deal with that, but Ogletree clearly now has to show he is serious about this job and find a way to fix these problems.

There are a lot of teams who are looking for a middle line backer in this draft, and when it comes to talent Ogletree is definitely in the top 3 when it comes to his position. With these incidents happening to him and Manti Te’o guys like Kevin Minter, Nico Johnson, and Arthur Brown could probably seize on the opportunity that is presented before them. Especially many teams are missing a Middle Linebacker.  The Ravens, and Bears are two teams that are looking at this position as both of there leaders Urlacher, and Lewis won’t make returns to both of there teams. Especially Urlacher because of his age.

The Washington Redskins will be missing the Middle Linebacker since London Fletcher will be most likely gone next season, and guys like Barnett, Boley, and Scott most likely going to be cut from there respective teams you will see that Ogletree’s unfortunate event could help a lot of teams steal him up in later portions of the draft, but some teams may want to avoid him because of the off the field issues. We will see what the combine has in store for Ogletree and if he is still a first round talent.



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