Denver Broncos will (franchise) tag Clady

Ryan Clady2

VP of player personnel John Elway has stated Friday that the Broncos organization will indeed put the tag on left tackle Ryan Clady.  It was basically a no-brainer; the Broncos offered Peyton Manning‘s protector of his blindside a 5-year/$50M contract with $28M in guarantee money, but he turned it down.  Elway just can’t let one of the top left tackles in the NFL leave the team when they just invested money and their future in a first ballot Hall of Fame QB in Peyton Manning.

While Elway’s preference is to work out a long-term deal, he acknowledges that Clady’s recent shoulder surgery has changed the dynamics of negotiations. “But we like Ryan,” added Elway. “We like him a lot as a player and we’d like to get something done.”  If and when Clady gets “tagged”, he will receive $9.66M.

Written by – Arnold Glass II – AFC West Writer


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