Charles Woodson expected to be released by the Packers

Woodson joined the Packers in 2006 after previously playing in Oakland

Woodson joined the Packers in 2006 after previously playing in Oakland

Charles Woodson is expected to no longer be in a Greenbay Packers uniform soon. The Packers ultimately will cut Woodson due to how much he hurts there cap. Woodson was $9 million in 2013 which would hit $10 million against the cap. Woodson is pretty much not worth absorbing all that damage to your cap space.

Woodson showed this season he can still play the game if he is not suffering injury, and he is looking to play with a contender to get another superbowl ring. There are a lot of teams who are contenders might take this, but some of them should just avoid it. A Denver Broncos seems like a team that would jump on this occasion, but when you look at it in all seriousness Woodson, Bailey, and Porter? Dosen’t sound all that scary as a cornerback combination. Yes the name value is there, but if we saw anything with Champ Bailey is that he is not the same player he used to be.

A team that I feel Woodson will land to with out fail will be the New England Patriots. Many NFL players in the twilight of there careers want to go play with a top team to win big. So I see the Patriots being an interesting fit, plus Woodson brings an extra boost to that already less then stellar secondary of the Patriots. Woodson maybe leaving the Packers, but there is no denying he made an impact in there championship run, and he is still a valuable player and can play maybe a couple years left in the NFL.

Woodson with the Packers won a superbowl, and won defensive player of the year bot he won in 2009.



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