Jadaveon Clowney expected to play next season

Clowney had 13 sacks last season for the Gamecocks

Clowney had 13 sacks last season for the Gamecocks

With all the talk about the NFL draft this year. Jadaveon Clowney was thinking about sitting out of the 2013 season. So that way the star Defensive End could get ready for the 2014 NFL draft. Many figure Clowney got worried because of injury. After he witnessed team mate Marcus Lattimore suffer numerous injuries during his career at South Carolina; Lattimore’s injuries have ultimately may be the reason why we may never see the runningback touch an NFL field.

So Clowney himself was considering of either sitting out, challenge the NFL to court about the age length, or getting an insurance policy to make sure he gets money if he suffers an injury to end his career of football. Clowney is looking to keep himself safe so he can stay as the top pick of next years NFL draft.

Jadaveon’s mother though said that “I would not want my son to miss a year for this”. Most college players seem to listen to there mothers advice. Clowney should not sit out because in all honesty the college game and players get better every day. The players on the college level can improve every year, and there always seems to be a certain player to stand out and do better.

Now I know many people will jump out of there seats reading someone doing better then Clowney. We have seen it in years past where a player comes out of nowhere and takes the top draft spot. So Clowney should really just play it out this season. After the Heisman awards last year Clowney claimed he wanted to go for the Heisman. So really in all honesty why dosen’t he stick to that goal? Clowney really needs to play, because in all honesty draft stock is never safe, especially when you are talking about the national football league.



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