Philadelphia Eagles 2013 Team Needs

Philadelphia-EaglesPhiladelphia Eagles 2013 Team Needs: OT, G, C, CB, S, TE, DE, OLB, QB, DT, ILB

The Philadelphia Eagles ended this season at the bottom of the NFC East.  This is the second straight year that the Eagles have had a disappointing season.  There are many positions that the Eagles need to fill in order to improve the franchise.  Both sides of the ball had many problems throughout the year.  The Eagles had one of the worst offensive lines in the league, which resulted in both starting and back-up quarterbacks getting hurt.  The defense was not living up to their potential, especially in the secondary.  It seemed at times as if the Eagles secondary was not even trying during games.  Chip Kelly has a lot of issues to work out this offseason as the new Head Coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Notable Free Agents

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, CB – UFA

King Dunlap, OT – UFA

There are a good amount of players on the Eagles roster that will become free agents this offseason.  These two players are the most important players that the Eagles need to resign.  Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie is a great cornerback that is a big part of Philadelphia’s secondary.  The Eagles need to improve their secondary and resigning Cromartie is a perfect start.  King Dunlap needs to be resigned, because the Eagles need all the help they can get on the offensive line.  Other than these two players, there are not many others that are really important to resign.

Philadelphia Eagles Draft picks in 2013

Round 1 – Pick 4

Round 2 – Pick 3

Round 3 – Pick 5

Round 4 – Pick 4

Round 5 – Pick 3

Round 6 – Pick 5

Round 7 – Pick 4 and 24

Round 1: The Eagles had a lot of problems with the offensive line this past season.  Michael Vick was sacked many times this season and the Eagles need to try to fix this problem.  Philadelphia needs to draft an Offensive Tackle with their first round pick in the NFL Draft.  This will help keep the sack count on the quarterback down.  If the Eagles can limit the amount of sacks on the quarterback then they will be able to be more productive on offense.

Round 2: With Nnamdi Asomugha playing poorly this past year and Dominique Rodgers-Comartie’s contract ending the Eagles need to draft a cornerback with their second round pick.  The Eagles did not have much production from the corners this past season and drafting a young talented corner out of the draft will help improve the Eagles secondary.

Round 3: By drafting a cornerback in the second round this will let them draft a Safety in the fourth round.  In this round the Eagles need to draft a Defensive Tackle.  The Eagles will be switching to a 3-4 defense requiring them to pick up a defensive lineman.  This defense scheme will likely move a player like Trent Cole back to Linebacker.

Round 4: Philadelphia needs to draft a Safety to replace Kurt Coleman or Nate Allen.  Both players had trouble this season with stopping the other team’s offense.  The Eagles will not be able to survive next season with these two staying at the Safety position.

Round 5: This season the Eagles had a tough time stopping the run.  Adding a Linebacker to the defense that is a run stopper is needed for this Eagles defense.  An Outside Linebacker would be the best suit for the Eagles defense.  Tackling was also a big problem because of the talent the Eagles had on the field at Linebacker.

Round 6: Adding depth to a position is what is needed for the Eagles in the sixth round.  This pick should be used at the Wide Receiver position to help add talent behind DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin.  The Wide Receiver selected in this round needs to have the capability to return kicks.  The Eagles kick return team was also a struggle this past season and could use some work.

Round 7: The Eagles have two picks in the seventh round to help add depth to their roster.  Philadelphia needs to draft a backup Tight End to help add depth to the position.  Brent Celek is playing good at the beginning but they need to add more talent behind him.  The Eagles need to also draft a Defensive End to add some depth to the defensive line.  Their defensive line needs help because they had trouble this season getting to the quarterback.

The Philadelphia Eagles should be able to improve their record this season with the new coach.  I do not see them making the playoffs in Chip Kelly’s first season as the Head Coach.  Their record will improve by a couple of games, but it probably will not be enough to make the playoffs.  It will be interesting to see how the Eagles improve their team throughout the offseason.



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