Jacksonville Jaguars 2013 Team Needs

jaguarsb_logoJacksonville Jaguars 2013 Team Needs- QB, RB, DL, OLB, WR, CB, OT

Bringing up the rear of the AFC South this year is none other then the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jaguars found no answers this season, and it showed that this team is more then one draft away from becoming any sort of threat. They have not been a successful team in the draft what so ever, and not to mention they don’t have the depth to give necessary starters a rest. Blaine Gabbert showed he was nothing more then a third round talent wasted in the first round, and it didn’t help that the Jaguars main star Maruice Jones-Drew was out for most of the season. So how can the Jaguars start the rebuilding process well let’s see.

Notable Free Agents
Rashad Jennings, RB- UFA
Brad Meester, C- UFA
Daryl Smith, OLB- UFA

Now the Jaguars have a lot of free agents, but really these are the only three that are worth anything to this team. They have almost there whole secondary gone next year and in all honesty that secondary only looked good once when facing Brady and the Pats late in the season. Most of them are not even noteworthy guys I would say you should start. Most can be use to help depth though, but no doubt the Jaguars need to find away to get Brad Meester to come back since he and Monroe were the only two productive Linemen for the Jaguars this season. Daryl Smith missed most of the season with a groin injury, and in all honesty I don’t know if the Jaguars are going to keep him. Smith is not really all that productive when it comes to sacks, but he is good when it comes to run defense. Rashad Jennings although with a lackluster year is still better then all the other 5 runningbacks the Jaguars have currently on there roster as a back up that is.

Jacksonville Jaguars Draft picks in 2013

Round 1 – Pick 2
Round 2- Pick 1
Round 3- Pick 2
Round 4-  Pick 1
Round 5- Pick 2
Round 6- Pick 1
Round 7- Pick 2

Just like previous installments I will talk about how this team should draft

Round 1: For me it is obvious. I know people are going to say the Jaguars need to pick up a Quarterback, but in all honesty they are not the Chiefs who need a fresh new face early on in this draft. Taking a Quarterback at number 2 for them would be dumb on the Jaguars part since they need to fill the need with the Outside Linebacker Position the Jaguars need a man who can cause havoc and nightmares for the Quarterback. The Jaguars can wait on a Quarterback until later in the draft, and not to mention Alex Smith will be available, and if the Jaguars manage to snag him I don’t think drafting a QB number 2 is a need. Remember this class is not RG3 and Luck. This class are guys that we will probably have to wait a couple years for them to pan out. The Jaguars have multiple options they can choose from at this pick.

Round 2: With needing help on the Offensive Line I feel it is time for the Jaguars take one here. There is still a lot of good options here for the Jaguars to take. So the Jaguars can get a guy here that will hopefully be able to start for them right away.

Round 3: This time the Jaguars will draft a Quarterback a lot of teams need Quarterbacks, but with certain individuals draft stocks going down at the QB position. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Jaguars didn’t nab a good catch here that could fit in there system. I am still putting in the equation the Jaguars can obtain Alex Smith (Almost with every team that needs a QB I am saying that) still picking up a Quarterback here will be beneficial for the Jaguars to help with back up sakes. Even then you might want to flip offensive line and QB, but there first three picks should be those accordingly.

Round 4: The Jaguars need to address there Cornerback situation here. With about almost all there cornerbacks going to free agency they will most likely re-sign hopefully three of them, and which means they need to go after a young one in the draft. For me I would try to look for a cornerback who could also impact the Jaguars in special teams as well. Special teams are very important and can be game changers for a lot of the teams. I feel if they can find a cornerback that can help in not only being a good player on defense, but a good returner it would be a win-win situation

Round 5: As I said in my Chiefs team needs there are a lot of sleeper Defensive Linemen in this draft, and it could very well help the Jaguars here by picking one up. The Jaguars seem to do a good job at finding talent late in the draft which is a good thing.

Round 6: This time boost up the Middle Linebacker core. With a boost there it could probably help Paul Posluszny  out as well. The Jaguars need some depth. Although this is not a crucial need it is something that can help some of the starters, and special teams out.

Round 7: For the final pick the Jaguars need to find something that will be of use to them, but in all honesty this is late in the draft and I say pick up another Linebacker Outside, Inside it dosen’t matter just pick one up.

I really though feel the Jaguars are still to far away before you can call them ready to make an impact. Young teams like the Titans, and the Colts are getting scary each draft, and the Texans are still seasoned veterans. If the Jaguars can nail all there picks, and build this team around a Quarterback then I say they have a bright future.



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