Arizona Cardinals 2013 Team Needs

lgo_nfl_arizona_cardinals Arizona Cardinals 2013 Team Needs-QB,RB,OL,LB,TE,K,WR

What seemed like early in the season to be a possible contender was nothing more than just simply a pretender we go deep in the desert with the Arizona Cardinals. This team just can’t find any answers at the QB position ever since Kurt Warner hung up his career. Their number one RB Beanie Wells always seems to most at least half of the season due to injury, and not to mention this team has one of the best WR in all of football in Larry Fitzgerald yet he has no idea who is throwing him the football. So your probably thinking how in the world can this team turn into a possible contender in the NFC West? Let’s take a look shall we.

Notable Free Agents
LaRod Stephens Howling, RB- UFA
Vonnie Holliday, DL- UFA
James Sanders, FS- UFA

Even though the Arizona Cardinals have a laundry list of free agents this offseason these are the three main free agents that the Cardinals need to resign to help their team. This Cardinals team is possible to hang around the likes of the 49er’s however despite how good their defense can be example early in the season against the Patriots in New England, this offense needs some fire power into it. That’s where LaRod Stephens Howling comes in for this team. Granted Howling is not a number one back by any means however he is the type of back that can help you on third downs along with special teams when it comes to kick off returns. Next guy is Vonnie Holliday the DL for the Cardinals who has been a key part to this defense helping along the side of Darrell Dockett. So if the Arizona Cardinals want to continue to be effective on the defensive side of the ball they need to keep Holliday. Last, but not least is James Sanders the FS. Now Sanders is a seasoned veteran however he is the kind of guy that does well but gets lost in the wind covering WR’s since when he does he’s not very far from the team’s top corner in Patrick Peterson. As I said if this team wants to continue being strong on defense keeping Sanders is one of the keys to do it.

Arizona Cardinals Draft picks in 2013

Round 1 – Pick 7
Round 2- Pick 6
Round 3- Pick 7
Round 4- Pick 6
Round 5- Pick 7
Round 6- Pick 6
Round 7- Pick 7

Just like previous installments I will talk about how this team should draft

Round 1: I think it’s pretty obvious where this team is going to draft and quite simply it’s the Quarter Back position. Now just because this team needs a QB doesn’t mean they need to immediately get a guy like Barkley out of USC this early in the draft but if they see something good at the QB spot they need to grab it or they basically go and relive the John Skelton experiment all over again. But at the same time they could wait and possible grab Alex Smith and imagine how that would make the NFC West interesting having Alex Smith stay in the NFC West but not with the 49er’s. So remember there are no RG3’s or Andrew Luck’s here in best case scenario you have to wait a few years for these guys to develop.

Round 2: Get a RB and I mean it when I say get a Running Back. Simply because the organization has already said they are done with Beanie Wells and they need to get the pressure of the QB no matter who is taking snaps for them. Granted this team does need help with the O-line but I’ll get to that a little later. They need a solid RB that get yards and get in the end zone if not special RB here at least look for a possible future star RB cause free agency is always there for a reason.

Round 3: As I just mentioned this team needs help with the Offensive Lineman spot because it’s just logic of how can the RB or QB be successful for this team if you’re having a hard time trying to protect them. They need to grab someone and even in round three I feel that they can get someone to block off the defense so the Cardinals can march up the field to score.

Round 4: If they really need to the Cardinals could go for a Wide Receiver here just because this team needs a targer other than Larry Fitzgerald. They had a nice idea last year drafting Micheal Floyd but due to Floyd having a hard time understanding the Cardinals playbook not to mention the different QB’s the Cardinals had last year his rookie season was a forgettable one. All in all they need a new WR to help out not just the QB but also Fitzgerald.

Round 5: This team needs anything on the defensive side of the ball is simply the Linebacker position. When you’re a football team and you go on the field you see the other teams players and you know who is a dangerous threat on the defensive side of the ball. That’s exactly what i lacking for this team a LB threat that can stop the run and leave a good hit on the opposing team’s QB.

Round 6: This team needs a good Tight End plain and simple. Slowly but surely the NFL is turning into a passing to the TE league for example look at the Patriots and even look at the newly crowned Super Bowl Champs the Ravens they had guys like Dickson and Pitta make big plays for them that helped win the game. That’s what the Cardinals need granted it’s hard to get a Rob Gronkowski or Antonio Gates kind of player but someone who can grab the football and run with it along with good hands to hold onto it.

Round 7: As weird as this may sound this may sound the Cardinals might wanna go out and find them a new kicker. Mainly because Jay Feely is not going to be around the league that long since he’s 38 years old of age. Not to mention Feely just as season ago was one of the best Kickers in the NFL struggled this past season in key moments which may have helped Arizona when it came to wins.

Now I’m not saying the Cardinals are just a few pieces away from making the playoffs and possibly winning a Super Bowl. They have quite a list of things to do before they can call themselves contenders. But hey look at the Colts before this season started many thought it was just going to be a lost season and months later they clinched a playoff berth proving anything can happen in the NFL.



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