Kansas City Chiefs 2013 Team Needs


Kansas City Chiefs 2013 Team Needs: QB, WR, T, DE, CB

This year we saw who was the worst team in football as it was the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs only won two games this year, and many thought the Chiefs were going to be a sleeper team in the weak AFC West division. Sadly that wasn’t the case. The Chiefs offense was beyond terrible this year, and when your offense is sucking the wind out of the game it is hard for the defense to be motivated. There was a positive for the Chiefs and that is the return of Jamal Charles this season. Charles in 2011 suffered a torn ACL in a week 1 match up against the Buffalo Bills. Although Charles didn’t get the press that Adrian Peterson got, Charles proved he is still one of the top runningbacks in the league. The Chiefs are now under a new regime, with Andy Reid being the new head coach one can wonder if it will be enough to propel the Chiefs to more wins.

Notable Free Agents
Dwayne Bowe*, WR – UFA
Brandon Albert*, OG -UFA
Dustin Colquitt*, P – UFA
Peyton Hillis, RB – UFA
Brady Quinn, QB – UFA
Abram Elam, FS – RFA

*= Eligible for Franchise tag

This free agency is big for the Chiefs. Dwayne Bowe in all honesty the Chiefs should let him go. Bowe is no doubt a talented wide receiver in the NFL, but it dosen’t seem like he is a patient enough player for them to convince to stay for the rebuilding process. In all honesty franchise tagging him would be a waste. Especially since Brandon Albert is much more needed talent for the Chiefs since that offensive line is very poor so with that being said the Chiefs should just try to avoid signing Bowe. The Chiefs could try to land a WR in this years free agency and trust me there is many out there for them to try and snag.

2013 Draft Picks

Round 1 – Pick 1
Round 2 – Pick 34
Round 3 – Pick 63
Round 4 – Pick 96
Round 5 – Pick 127
Round 6 – Pick 160
Round 7 – Pick 191

Looking at the Chiefs draft picks this year clearly everyone is looking at that number one pick. The number one pick could go either for the Chiefs, but if I were in there situation of drafting this is how I would go about with each of the picks this year.

Round 1: This is a toss up, but if I were the Chiefs I would gamble and go for either a tackle, or there next franchise Quarterback. Obviously Geno Smith is the Quarterback people are talking about the most being the number one pick, but the Chiefs are also in need of a tackle. Luke Joeckel, and possibly Eric Fisher are the best choices at this position, but in all honesty to start a franchise you need a Quarterback so in round one go for your man and stick with him.

Round 2: As mentioned earlier tackle is a need for the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs though need to find a new weapon for its new man. If you got your Quarterback in the first round go with a Wide Receiver this round that will help boost up this team offensively. This year there is a lot of great Wide Receiver talent in the second round that could become a good number one for the Chiefs, but if the Chiefs can nail a big wide receiver in free agency then this could add more to the fire power you are adding to your young QB

Round 3: This is a tough spot for the Chiefs, but in all honesty the Chiefs offense needs to be a focus. There will still be good Offensive Linemen for the Chiefs obtain this round. I am most certain they can find a tackle in this round, not an elite one, but with Alabama linemen Barrett Jones going through surgery before the combines his stock could go down, and this could leave the Chiefs with picking up a multi versatile player in good spot. I feel though any young linemen can help the Chiefs out at this point. This is Andy Reid we are talking about he knows a good O-Line men when he sees it.

Round 4: Now that the Chiefs have boosted up there offense time for them to focus on defense. At this point there is no more top premier defenseive end rushers for the Chiefs to get, but there are still potential Cornerbacks for the Chiefs to go pick up. A cornerback here will help build up the depth for the Chiefs secondary, and add a special team boost hopefully for them. So in all honesty it would feel right if the Chiefs go for a DB here.

Round 5: Now it is time for a filler need here. The Chiefs really don’t need another weapon on offense, so what they should keep doing is build on defense. So instead of trying to get a defensive end who can turn out to be absolutely nothing pick up a Defensive Tackle who can be versatile enough at the three technique. There are a lot of underlooked Defensive tackles in this draft, and one of them could end up here for the Chiefs. Now in all honesty if they are going to be rotating defensive linemen like Reid did for a while in Philly I see no problem with picking up a contributor here for the Chiefs to get better in that department

Round 6: Now were deep in the draft, and mostly you can find a hidden gem here. For me though I feel maybe you take a chance on a Linebacker preferably someone who is fast. I feel that if they can get a Linebacker that is pretty fast that could play as a good edge rusher for depth reasons, and make an impact on special teams I feel it would be a very good pick for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Round 7: This is getting deep in the draft, and all you can hope for is maybe you can find someone that can help your team win, and I feel the Chiefs go for a Defensive Linemen here and hopefully add more depth to the Chiefs defense.

So all in all the Chiefs will have a tough task ahead of them. If they focus on rebuilding that offense, and make the defense stack with good depth the Chiefs could see some major improvements in 2013.



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