Why the Ravens Can Repeat as Super Bowl Champions

Ravens Beat Niners

The Baltimore Ravens were able to make a Super Bowl run that most thought was impossible, mostly because of the leadership of Ray Lewis. Another common assumption is the Ravens have no chance of repeating as champs. I believe the Ravens have a good chance of repeating because of many factors.

If there’s one thing we learned during this postseason, its Joe Flacco has ascended his play to the next level. He threw an amazing 11 touchdowns to zero interceptions. Think about that for a minute. 11 TDs to 0 INTs. That’s unprecedented. He did face easy defenses either. Flacco went up against an improving Colts defense, a very good Broncos defense, a decent Patriots defense, and a great 49ers defense. He was never phased, earning his nickname Cool Joe. Once Ray Lewis retires and Ed Reed departs/retires, it will be Cool Joe’s job to lead the Ravens into the new era, a job I think he’ll take on with ease.

Another thing to consider is the Ravens young and upcoming players, particularly on the defense. Let’s not forget that Ladarius Webb was one of the best players on the entire Ravens team before he suffered a season ending injury. Also, rookie linebacker Courtney Upshaw played well during the season and emerged as a starter.

As for the coaching staff, John Harbaugh has proven throughout the season that he is one of the best coaches in the league. He specializes in preparing his team for the upcoming game. He also excels at motivating his team to victory before the game and at halftime.

The Ravens will have trouble keeping players during the offseason, but as of right now, it’s very hard to say that the Ravens won’t be back at the Super Bowl in 2014.



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