Top 5 moments of Super Bowl 47

20130121003352Superbowl_47This will be a start of a new series here on Before the kickoff talking about top moments in  football games. Whether they are good or bad, they are going to be moments fans will be sure to talk about in the near future and for a long time.

5. Beyonce rocking the Superdome

Alright I know this is not a football play, nor moment in the game. Though Beyonce herself killed it in the superbowl, and the concert was very enjoyable. I felt that this was a great half time show, and really made football fans jealous of Rapper Jay-Z for dating the beautiful Beyonce.

4. The 49ers 3rd Quarter

After the power outage that lasted over 38 minutes. The 49ers momentum switched and after being down by 28-6 the whole game.The 49ers came back strong with a touchdown. After causing a fumble on Ray Rice, the 49ers taking charge as they scored a field goal. Then afterwards the Ravens were forced to punt, and Tedd Gin had an amazing punt return that set up another 49er touchdown, and then finally a field goal for the 49ers. It was really a historic 3rd quarter for 49er fans.

3. Jacoby Jones highlight plays

Jacoby Jones has always been a good role player for numerous teams. I really don’t know what kind of man Jones is but he embraces his role, and this playoffs Jones played his role well, and really excepts it. First Jones highlight play came let in the second quarter when he caught a 56 yard TD bomb from Joe Flacco, and then the start of the 2nd half Jone’s had an amazing 108 yard kickoff return for a TD.

2. The 34 minute power outage

The Power outage was crazy. It is something people are going to be talking about for a long time. The power outage was ridiculous as we saw players stretch and look like they were sleeping. Twitter was going crazy as they were trying  to figure out the cause of the power outage. Some people joked around and used Bane from the recent Batman film Dark Knight Rises, Manti Te’o’s girlfriend, and WWE wrestler the Undertaker were popular phrases I saw on twitter about the power outage.

1. The no call on 4th and goal

The apparent holding, or pass interference what we saw between Michael Crabtree, and Jimmy Smith is something that fans will be talking about for a long time as this play would’ve decided who won the game. My take on it is this. The 49ers should have done better game managing and proper use of time outs if they wanted to be successful, also there was no Ngata why not have Gore finish the job?

So this the top 5 moments. Expect more top lists during slow points in the offeseason. Got any ideas we would love to hear them!



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