Baltimore Ravens Win Super Bowl 47; beat 49ers 34-31

Ravens Beat Niners

In one of the most exciting Super Bowls of all time, The Baltimore Ravens came up victorious in Super Bowl 47. The victory came in the longest Super Bowl of all time, mostly because of a 34 minute delay after a power outage in the Super Bowl. The power outage allowed the 49ers to gain momentum after trailing 28-6. Ultimately, the Ravens were able to hold on.

The Ravens won the coin toss at the beginning of the game and decided to allow the 49ers to go on offense first. The 49ers went three and out and gave the Ravens the football. Led by Joe Flacco, the Ravens drove down the field and score the game’s first points in the form of a touchdown off of a Joe Flacco touchdown pass to Anquan Boldin.

The 49ers got the ball back and put together a pretty good drive. However, they only came away with a field goal. The Ravens came back on the field and would go on to punt. The next drive changed the game. The 49ers were driving down the field and looked to be in control, but a LaMichael James fumble gave the Ravens another chance to score and they did just that. 14-3 Ravens.

The Ravens would go on to score one more touchdown before the half and the Niners scored one more field goal to make the halftime score 21-6.

The play at the beginning of the second half was presumably the dagger in the 49ers. Jacoby Jones returned the half’s first kickoff 108 yards for a touchdown, tying an NFL record for longest kickoff return for a touchdown.

Then it happened. The lights cut out, leaving half of the Superdome unlit. It would stay that way for 33 minutes and 55 seconds. Play would eventually resume, and the 49ers and Ravens would trade punts. And then the comeback began.

The 49ers drove down the field that was ended with a Colin Kaepernick touchdown throw to Michael Crabtree to make the score 28-13. The Ravens offense came onto the field looking calm and collected, but they weren’t able to move the ball and went three and out. The 49ers knew that they were right back in it and were quick to score another touchdown, this time a Frank Gore rushing touchdown. 28-20

Pressure was beginning to set in for Joe Flacco and the Ravens offense and it showed in a big way. After catching a pass from Joe Flacco, Ray Rice fumbled the ball on Baltimore’s 25 yard line. This gave the 49ers great field position. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to translate the field position into a touchdown and had to walk away with a FG. 28-23

Joe Flacco took control after that. He settled his offense and led them down for a field goal that would make the game 31-23. Although the Ravens would have loved a touchdown in that scenario, they took the points and put faith in their defense. Their defense didn’t deliver. It took 5 plays for 76 yards for the 49ers to score a touchdown. Down 31-29, the San Francisco 49ers would have to go for the two point conversion to tie the game. Ed Reed blitzed Colin Kaepernick and forced a bad throw and a no good 2pt conversion. It was now 31-29 with 9:57 left in the ball game.

Cool Joe did his thing on the next drive. He bled 5:38 off the clock and came up with a field goal. The Ravens probably would have liked to get a touchdown to put the game away, but they’ll take the points.

The next drive would decide the game. After 8 plays, it came down to a 4th and goal at the 6 yard line. The Ravens blitzed Kaepernick, forcing him to throw the football early to Michael Crabtree on the outside. Crabtree was covered closely by Baltimore Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith. The pass was incomplete and resulted in a turnover on downs.

The Ravens ran the football to bleed the clock down to 12 seconds. The next play was an ingenious one. Ravens punter Sam Koch received the long snap and then ran out of bounds in the end zone, causing a safety. What happened you ask? The Ravens wanted to take as much time off the clock as possible before giving the ball back to the 49ers. They also wanted to eliminate any chance of a Ted Ginn punt return for a touchdown.

The score was now 34-31 and the Ravens would just need to stop the Niners on this play to end the game. They did just that and became Super Bowl champions. The Ravens showed that with great leadership and integrity, you can win it all. you may not be the better team, but as long as you want it more than the other guys, that’s all it takes.

Congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens, the Super Bowl 47 Champions!



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