Detroit Lion Titus Young Sr. talking his way out of the NFL

Young Sr. has been making major news on his twitter account

Young Sr. has been making major news on his twitter account

Detroit Lion’s wide receiver Titus Young is not happy, and on his twitter he has explained his discomfort on his position on this Lions team. Young has been in the doghouse after being one of the many Lions to be arrested before the season even started. Young has been mad about not getting the ball more and being used in the offense very well. The L:ions were very low on the depth of Wide Receiver and Young felt like he could help out on the offense, but the problem is Young felt like he was the savior the Lions need. Now Young Sr. did play well for the Lions earlier in the season, but maybe that was a bad thing for the Lions. Many have reported Young started to gain more attitude problems.

Young Sr. soon got injured, and Young states: “he is ready to get at it again”. Schwatz though didn’t think so and put Young on IR. This lead to more of Young’s antics as he ranted on twitter saying he wants to be released from the organization and that he dosen’t care how much he was being payed he will be a star on another team.  He proceeded with #HallofFame. What Young is doing is bad antics for him, and ultimately could cost him job in the NFL all together. Young is a talented prospect, and a good role player, but the attitude where he is acting like the best player on his team. Let alone the best receiver is ultimately ridiculous. Young is showing that he is a huge gamble and it is hard to see that any team in the NFL would pick him up.

Especially when you are discrediting a man like Jim Schawrtz, and saying he dosen’t know what is best is ridiculous. When you have someone that is respected around the league by many GM, coaches, and scouts. What any other man would take you? Right now if I were the Lions I wouldn’t take this trash and keep him on the team. I much rather let him go, and pick up some one new in the draft. Tavon Austin, Justin Hunter are very good players that the Lions could use for targets in this years NFL draft, and plus the Lions do need a true number two wide receiver to help Calvin Johnson out, and most importantly Matthew Stafford.

As it stands Young is probably out of the NFL, and if any team gambles on him they are going to be having problems.



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