NFL Super Bowl 47 Predictions and Picks

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Super Bowl XLVII – Baltimore Ravens vs. San Francisco 49ers 

James Christopher: Ravens – Looking at recent weeks, the 49ers passing defense has been really scary. That worries me when they have to go against Joe Flacco, who’s been shredding defenses throughout the playoffs. On the defensive side of the ball, not only does Ray Lewis want to win another Super Bowl, but Terrell Suggs and Ed Reed are more than ready for their first. Score: 27-20

Chase Oliver: 49ers – The Ravens are a top notch team, and they are a team that is deserving, but even with all the emotional spirit put in this team. The 49ers are a team that always looks unstoppable. A team I think that has earned and deserved the Super Bowl they are playing in.  Score: 28-20

Brandon Hughes: 49ers – Ray Lewis and Colin Kaepernick have added a fire under their teams during the postseason. This should be a great Super Bowl, but San Francisco will come out with the victory. The 49ers defense will be too much for Joe Flacco and the Ravens. Score: 24-17

Chris Valday: 49ers – As tough as this game is going to be, I gotta go with the Niners, despite how well Flacco has played in the playoffs. I just don’t think it will be enough against this tough, physical, and talented defense of the 49ers, and Colin Kaepernick is playing like a machine right now. Score: 27-24

Arnold Glass: Ravens –  This will be a very entertaining game and the two teams that are in it deserve to be there; they are almost mirrored images of each other, both on defense and on offense. I would love to see Randy Moss finally get a ring, but I think he will miss it one more time; the Ravens are on a mission and they are mentally locked and loaded.  The whole team are on one accord and Ray Lewis is orchestrating everything.  The Niners are a hard-hitting team just like the Ravens, but I think the Ravens are going to go all out and play with reckless abandon.  I think Flacco will have an MVP game. Score: 28-23

Last Week:

James: 2-0    Chase: 2-0    Brandon: 1-1    Chris: 1-1    Glass: 2-0

Through Playoffs:

James: 7-3    Chase: 6-4    Brandon: 6-4    Chris: 5-5   Glass: 8-2



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