Report: St. Louis Rams to Hire Rob Ryan

Rob Ryan 2

A league source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter that the St. Louis Rams have hired Rob Ryan as their new defensive coordinator. Ryan was fired as the defensive coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys on January 8th after Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told fans there would be a major change. The Rams hired Gregg Williams to be their defensive coordinator after the 2011 season, before the revelation of the bounty scandal. After being suspended indefinitely by the NFL, Williams wasn’t unable to coach the Rams, and in 2012, the Rams defense was coordinated by defensive assistants. The Rams released Gregg Williams a couple of days ago.

The Cowboys weren’t very effective with Rob Ryan as defensive coordinator. Under Rob Ryan, the Dallas Cowboys were ranked 19th in total defense, but they were 24th in points allowed.

Meanwhile, the Rams did a very good job on defense this season.They were 14th in points allowed, allowing only 21.8 points per game. This was a major improvement over 2011. The Rams were 26th in scoring defense and allowed 25.4 points per game. Rob Ryan better be able to come in and not mess that up, or he may be out of another job.

“I’ll be out of work for about five minutes,” Ryan said after his release. It wasn’t exactly five minutes, but it was a very quick unemployment period for Rob Ryan. However, if he’s unable to keep the Rams from regressing on defense in 2012, his next unemployment period will be much longer.



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