Manti Te’o Situation Cleared: Manti Speaks, Dianne O’Meara speaks, and Women behind the voicemail

Manti Te'o has finally spoken out about the whole situation

Manti Te’o has finally spoken out about the whole situation

I am pretty sure most of the sports world is either tired of the whole Manti Te’o situation, or they are enjoying it with a lot of humor. Don’t forget people Te’o comes from Notre Dame, and if you know anything about Notre Dame in terms for college football fans they are the New York Yankees. You either love Notre Dame, or you hate Notre Dame. Not to mention Te’o was a Heisman trophy finalist. The story that he was telling us all year. Talking about his girlfriend inspiring him, and for it to be all fake is crazy. Now lets dive right in.

So we know this Lennay Kekua is a fake women, and that her pictures were used from a women by the name of Dianne O’Meara. Te’o was going to break his silence when talking to Katie Couric on Thursday, but before he broke the ultimate silence Dianne beat him to the punch embarrassed that her pictures were being used.

In the video Dianne talks about how she didn’t know who Te’o was, and she didn’t know until this situation broke out. Dianne did know one man in particular and it was Ronaiah Tuiasosopo. Tuiasosopo has admitted to have started the hoax on the Notre Dame star last week. Tuiasosopo was not close with Dianne, but she would get weird messages all the time from him asking her to do some poses. Nothing to extreme just as simple as a peace sign or something. So Dianne went on to do it? Why? Dunno guess she was just being nice to Tuiasosopo since she has known him for so long. Dianne is trying to clear her name in the situation, and is suing for “identity fraud, and theft”.

Now hear is something that was even crazy about the situation as Manti Te’o released a voicemail out that “Lennay” left for him.

This started very crazy responses. Tuiasosopo’s lawyer during the whole time had said

“Tuiasosopo was the person behind the phone calls… he was the man who spent 1,000 hours hours on the phone with Manti”

 It was somewhat believable that Tuisasosopo could be behind the women voice. Tuiasosopo’s voice wasn’t to deep, and earlier reports have suggested this is not the first time he has done this catfishing sort of technique. So he was very well educated on how to probably mask his voice. Well just a day later we find out the real person behind the “Lennay Kukua” voice.


Meet Tina Tuiasosopo, Roniah Tuiasosopo’s cousin.  Tina is suspected to be behind the voice of “Lennay Kukua”. A family member disclosed this information saying ” No doubt that has to be Tina”. Right now it is not one hundred percent sure, but I do trust the family member in this situation since they probably know there family better then anyone else. Now my question is? Why did Roniah go through all this trouble with Dianne? Why didn’t he just use Tina pictures. Then again there is still some reports lingering that Te’o is family friends with Roniah so he probably would’ve known from the get go. Either way Te’o feels bad about the situation. I just really do find it odd how all of a sudden on one week where Te’o finally wants to speak about the whole situation, a bunch of facts are now coming out. Just find it odd? What do you guys think about the whole situation?

Full interview here

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