Mark Helfrich appointed new Oregon Head Coach

Mark Helfrich is looking to continue the Ducks success in recent years

Mark Helfrich is looking to continue the Ducks success in recent years

With Chip Kelly gone and promoted to the professional level. Oregon has named offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich as the new head coach. It will be no surprise if Helfrich will be running the same system that Kelly ran in his four years of college football. Helfrich has been in the Oregon system since Kelly got there so we will pretty much expect the same type of play from last year.

When it comes down to Helfrich though next season we will see how well he does when it comes to recruiting. I am really interested in seeing how he will recruit next year. Oregon is a very consistent program when it comes to recruiting. They draw a lot of interest to a lot of young men eyes with there fancy uniforms, and especially how there offense is fast it makes a lot of young men want to choose Oregon as the place to be. Especially on the west coast Oregon is one of the more popular teams for kids looking at PAC 12 schools.

I feel the Ducks will need to have a successful season under Helfrich if they want to keep the recruiting very active over there. Sure fancy uniforms look cool, but it sort of looks dumb if you’re not winning a lot of football games. Thankfully for Helfrich there is still a lot of rich talent that was left behind from Coach Kelly, and a lot of them are offensive players that he has worked with a lot in the past. So good news for the Oregon Ducks, and the big question I am sure most are wondering. Can Helfrich lead the Ducks to the national title win? The Ducks will most likely be ranked in the top 5 this year, so they do have a shot?  Here is the full schedule and you can judge it for yourself.

Oregon Ducks football Schedule
Week 1: vs Nichollos State
Week 2: at Nevada
Week3: vs Tennessee
Week 4: Bye
Week 5: vs California
Week 6: at Colorado
Week 7: at Washington
Week 8: vs Washington State
Week 9: vs University of California Los Angeles
Week 10:  Bye
Week 11: at Stanford
Week 12: vs Utah
Week 13: at Arizona
Week 14: vs Oregon State
Week 15: Pac 12 Championship (If they win there division)

So that is what Oregon has to go against. Not to much of a rough schedule. Stanford, Oregon State, and UCLA seem like the toughest games for them this year. Sleepers they will be facing are Washington, and Arizona other then that they seem like they have a chance to contend at the national title. I bet many Oregon fans are happy to be facing an SEC team in Tennessee. A lot of fans feel as if Oregon can hang with the SEC, but with Tennessee looking to fill a lot of holes with a lot of guys leaving it dosen’t seem they are the top tier of the SEC. Oregon fans can be happy about it all they want, but too me beating Tennessee is not a statement that Oregon can hang with the SEC team.

If any team I could choose in the PAC 12 that could hang with the SEC is Stanford. There offense feels like an SEC team, and there defense is fast like one too. Oregon will definitely be looking to get revenge on Stanford this year. Overall I feel the Oregon Ducks should have another good season. I don’t think they are going to become national champions, but I feel they will be once again be playing in a big time bowl.



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